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    Manual on the right to water and sanitation

    Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, 2007
    There is growing interest among water and sanitation policy makers and practitioners in the contributions of human rights approaches to efforts to extend access to water and sanitation to all. Many actors in the water and sanitation sectors are now aware of human rights-based approaches to development, but are unfamiliar with the precise content of human rights standards.
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    Fresh water to eradicate poverty: Norwegian Church Aid understanding the issues

    Norwegian Church Aid, 2005
    Freshwater supply is not a priority of the rich countries in their development agendas for the poor countries. Yet this paper suggests that it is the most important indicator of destitution. This paper argues that it is necessary for affluent OECD nations to allocate at least 1% of GDP to assuring access to freshwater supply in poor nations.
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    Water for the poorest

    Eldis Document Store, 2003
    This paper reports on a United Nations conference held in Norway, November 2003, in support of the 12th session of the Commission for Sustainable Development.