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    Information and communication technologies (ICTs) and democracy development in the South: potential and current reality

    Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries, 2002
    This paper explores some of the potential and current reality of using ICTs to strengthen democracy development in South Africa.
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    Strengthening the knowledge and information systems of the urban poor (KIS)

    Practical Action [Intermediate Technology Development Group], 2002
    Poor men and women living in urban informal settlements do need knowledge and information to cope with risks and improve their livelihoods, but they sometimes find it hard to access. How do the urban poor obtain information and develop knowledge? Do they get what they require and is it appropriate?
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    Access to Information in Developing Countries

    Transparency International, 1998
    Surveys existing laws and practices respecting access to information in the developing countries. The study is also intended to assist those democracies whose constitutions pledge the passage of freedom of information legislation in framing such legislation. It may also benefit the citizens of those democracies by ensuring that the legislation is clear, well thought-out, and effective. [author]
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    Tools for Activists: an information and advocacy guide to the World Bank Group

    Bank Information Center, 2007
    As one of the largest public development institutions in the world, the World Bank Group (WBG) has an enormous impact on the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in developing and transition countries across the globe. [adapted from author]