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    Barriers to completing TB diagnosis in Yemen: services should respond to patients’ needs

    PLoS ONE, 2014
    Obtaining a diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) is a prerequisite for accessing specific treatment, yet one third of estimated new cases are missed worldwide by National Programmes.
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    Geographical access to care at birth in Ghana: a barrier to safe motherhood

    BMC Public Health, 2012
    Appropriate facility-based care at birth is a key determinant of safe motherhood but geographical access remains poor in many high burden regions. Despite its importance, geographical access is rarely audited systematically, preventing integration in national-level maternal health system assessment and planning.
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    A Moving Issue: Children and young people’s transport and mobility constraints in Africa

    International Forum for Rural Transport and Development, 2010
    Children and young people are rarely at the forefront of transport studies, despite the fact that their ability to access health and educational facilities is crucial to the achievement of internatioanl development goals.
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    Climate change, food, water and population health in China

    Bulletin of the World Health Organization : the International Journal of Public Health, 2016
    Anthropogenic climate change appears to be increasing the frequency, duration and intensity of extreme weather events. Such events have already had substantial impacts on socioeconomic development and population health.
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    Zika virus factsheet

    Hesperian Foundation, 2016
    This information guide reflects what is known in April 2016 about the Zika virus. It covers symptoms, pregancy issues, treatment and prevention.
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    Climate change complicates Dengue fever prevention in Can Tho

    Institute For Social And Environmental Transition, 2016
    Can Tho in Vietnam is a growing city of about one million people, approximately half of whom live in the city’s peripheral rural districts.
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    India and Africa - collaboration for growth

    KPMG, 2016
    The nature of India’s relationship with Africa is clearly evolving into a wider, deeper engagement that, while clearly in India’s advantage, also offers significant potential benefits to its African counterparts. This overview of Indian/African economic collaboration is a joint piece of work from KPMG and the Confederation of Indian Industry.  It specifically looks at:
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    Refreshing Africa's future: prospects for achieving universal WASH access by 2030

    Institute for Security Studies, 2016
    Access to water, sanitation and hygiene is indispensable to development, but what will it take for Africa to achieve universal access in 15 years? This paper uses the International Futures forecasting system to explore Sustainable Development Goal 6, which promises water, sanitation and hygiene to all by 2030. It finds that Africa is not on track to meet this goal.
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    The state of the World's children 2016: a fair chance for every child

    United Nations Children's Fund, 2016
    Every child has the right to health, education and protection, and every society has a stake in expanding children’s opportunities in life. Yet, around the world, millions of children are denied a fair chance for no reason other than the country, gender or circumstances into which they are born.
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    Alcohol use: summary of the findings from the Third National HIV Communication Survey

    Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa, 2012
    Alcohol use and abuse is an important risk factor for HIV infection in southern Africa. A number of studies have found a relationship between alcohol and HIV seropositivity. Alcohol is increasingly being recognised as an indirect contributor to the transmission of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa as it is a key determinant of risky sexual behaviour.