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    Mobile applications for weather and climate information: their use and potential for smallholder farmers

    Climate Change Agriculture Food Security, 2016
    Mobile phones are increasingly being used to provide smallholder farmers with agricultural and related information. There is currently great interest in their scope to communicate climate and weather information. Farmers consistently identify demand for weather information and whilst ICTs may be one way of delivering this at scale there are concerns that this should not be seen as a panacea.
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    Loss and damage: some key issues and considerations for SIDS expert meeting

    Third World Network, 2016
    The series of expert meetings under the UNFCCC on a range of approaches to address loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change, including impacts related to extreme weather events and slow onset events, is a significant element of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) work programme on loss and damage.
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    Framing climate change loss and damage in UNFCCC negotiations

    Global Environmental Politics, 2016
    How does an idea emerge and gain traction in the international arena when its under-pinning principles are contested by power ful players?
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    Global Environmental Politics

    Global Environmental Politics examines the relationships between global political forces and environmental change, with particular attention given to the implications of local-global interactions f
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    Making a killing: who pays the real costs of Big Oil, Coal and Gas?

    Heinrich Böll Foundation - European Union, 2016
    The single biggest cause of climate change is burning fossil fuels. The Carbon Majors - who include big coal, oil and gas - have extracted fossil fuels responsible for roughly two thirds of climate change pollution.
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    Carbon metrics: global abstractions and ecological epistemicide

    Heinrich Böll Foundation - European Union, 2016
    Usually climate negotiations are publicly pilloried for creating confusion around the problem and delaying action. But the time has also come to inquire into their unintended effects on our thinking.
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    Climate Justice: The international momentum towards climate litigation

    Heinrich Böll Foundation - European Union, 2016
    The Paris Agreement is ground breaking yet contradictory. In an era of fractured multilateralism it achieved above and beyond what was considered politically possible – yet it stopped far short of what is necessary to stop dangerous climate change.
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    “We’re in this together”: Changing intra-household decision making for more cooperative smallholder farming

    Institute of Development Policy and Management, University of Antwerp, 2016
    Conceptualising smallholder farming households as collective action institutions, that make interrelated decisions about investment, resource use and allocation in a common household farm, may contribute to understanding widely observed uncooperative outcomes, such as yield gaps, gender gaps in productivity, suboptimal or Pareto inefficient sustainable intensification and climate change adaptat
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    Climate change, agriculture, and adaptation in the Republic of Korea to 2050: an integrated assessment

    International Food Policy Research Institute, 2016
    As the effects of climate change set in, and population and income growth exert increasing pressure on natural resources, food security is becoming a pressing challenge for countries worldwide.
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    Coral reef. Susan White, USFWS CC BY-NC 2.0

    The story of loss and damage in global climate negotiations is a triumph of persistence and diplomacy. But there is still a long way to go and more work to be done.