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    Property taxation in anglophone West Africa: regional overview

    Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2009
    The Lincoln Institute and the African Tax Institute (ATI ), located at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, have formed a joint venture to better understand property-related taxation in Africa.
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    Mobilising tax revenue to finance development: the case for property taxation in francophone Africa

    University of Pretoria, 2010
    In the context of a widespread focus on decentralisation in Africa, there has been an imperative to find suitable ways to maximise potential own revenue sources at all sub-national government levels.
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    Mobilising sustainable local government revenue in Ghana: modelling property rates and business taxes

    University of Technology, Sydney, 2015
    Property rates and business operating license fees constitute the major revenue sources for local government authorities. Accurate assessment of these revenues enhances the revenue base and effectiveness of their generation.
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    Constraints on property rating in the Offinso South Municipality of Ghana

    University of Technology, Sydney, 2013
    The potential of property rate has been least tapped by decentralized governments in Ghana. This paper investigates the property rating system in Ghana through a case study of Offinso South Municipality (OSM). Questionnaires were used to gather empirical data from property owners in the municipality.
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    Participatory impact investing: whose voices count?

    Institute of Development Studies UK, 2018
    Impact investing is a financial investment made with the intent to affect social or environmental change. It is an ever-growing investment method with the GIIN’s 2017 Annual Impact Investor Survey finding that over USD 114 billion was invested in impact investing assets.
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    Getting serious about impact

    LinkedIn, 2016
    Realising the potential of impact investing in Africa will require all actors in the impact ecosystem to demonstrate courage in speaking “truth to power” in unpacking impact measurement – when things go well, and also when they do not.
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    Accountability: the golden opportunity in impact investing

    Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2016
    Why investors need to integrate rights and accountability into development finance, and how they can begin. 
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    Impact investing

    Accountability Counsel, 2018
    What tools do people around the world have to raise grievances if an impact investment in their community causes harm to their livelihoods, negative gender impacts, or environmental abuse?How would an impact investor know about the harm, prevent further harm, or remedy an abuse? Accountability Counsel is working to address these questions with concrete tools.
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    Accountability Counsel

    Accountability Counsel amplifies the voices of communities around the world to protect their human rights and environment.
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    Where’s the community accountability in impact investing?

    Green Money Journal, 2016
    The concept of impact investment that has the explicit purpose of supporting economic and community development is receiving a growing amount of attention from an increasingly diverse set of financial players.