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    Options for regional integration in Southern Africa

    Institute of Development Studies UK, 2000
    This paper asks: What are the impact effects of the different routes towards regional integration in Southern Africa, the 'intended' FTA, the CUmin or FT? Does trade creation dominate dominate trade diversion under the 'intended' FTA?
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    Globalisation and supply chain networks: the auto industry in Brazil and India

    Institute of Development Studies UK, 1999
    Examines the restructuring of the auto industry, and in particular the auto components sector in Brazil and India. In both countries, trade liberalisation and changes in auto industry policy led to large nflows of FDI and major changes in auto industry structure in the 1990s.
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    Study of stakeholders on CO2 emission litigation

    US Agency for International Development, 2000
    Results of investigation into the knowledge and practice of Indian stakeholders regarding energy efficiency (EE), carbon emission trading (CET) and foreign investment.
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    Efficiency, accountability and implementation: public sector reform in East and Southern Africa

    United Nations [UN] Research Institute for Social Development, 2001
    Five questions central to public sector reform in East and Southern Africa, and consistent with their proclaimed thrust, are addressed in this paper:Has the size of government employment changed since the mid-1980s?Have government functions become more focused on 'core' activities, such as health and education, during this period?Have real wage levels changed?Has accountability