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    A Tower of Babel on the internet? The World Bank's Development Gateway

    Bretton Woods Project, 2001
    This article is critical of the Global Development Gateway (GDG).
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    The Development of Virtual Education: A global perspective

    Commonwealth of Learning, 1999
    The term "virtual education" is something that is heard with increasing frequency now as the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) becomes ever more present in the conduct of open and distance education.
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    Information technology and economic development: an introduction to the research issues

    World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER), 1998
    Reviews evidence for economic impact of information technology adoption in North, and relevance the South. Suggests research prioritiesThere is substantial evidence that new information technologies are in many ways transforming the operations of modern economies. More than half of employees use a computer at work in the most advanced industrial countries.
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    Communications and development: a practical guide

    Department for International Development, UK, 1999
    Practical guide to use of communications media in development programmes (written with DFID programmes in mind).
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    IT in Swedish development cooperation: suggestions for ways of including the low-income countries

    Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, 1999
    Document recommends a strategy for the role of ICT in Swedish development cooperation. This report presents a view of how the ICT revolution can and ought to influence Swedish development cooperation and identifies critical and suitable areas for ICT involvement. A possible action agenda for Swedish international cooperation is proposed.
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    Rural youth capacity building : a model for enhancing economic sustainability with youth as partners

    US Agency for International Development, 2000
    Looks at USAID / USDA 's rural youth initiative programme in Uganda and Zambia.The pilot programmes focused on three primary activities:U.S.-based Youth in Development Consultation and Study Tours: youth representatives from Uganda and Zambia met youth and international development leaders from several organizations and countries, took part in study tours and conferences.The Uganda
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    Who is in the driving seat?: development cooperation and democracy

    Centre of African Studies, Edinburgh, 2000
    Development cooperation is experiencing a dramatic range of new understandings and approaches that appear on the surface to amount to a “new way of working”, both in how development cooperation takes place and in how it includes the knowledge and wishes of its assumed recipients in the South.
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    Globalization and the growth of think tanks

    McGann Associates, 2001
    The article emphasises the remarkable proliferation of think tanks. This proliferation has been propelled by many factors. These include:Growing demand for information and analysis. In an increasingly complex, interdependent and information-rich world, governments and individual policy makers face the common problem of bringing expert knowledge to bear in governmental decision making.
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    The Internet Toolkit for Task Managers

    Technet, World Bank, 1996
    Manual for project managers who are considering the inclusion of Internet connectivity and related data communication technologies in an existing or proposed project, either to facilitate communication or serve as an information resource for the client