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    Poverty and climate change: reducing the vulnerability of the poor through adaptation

    Department for International Development, UK, 2003
    The report makes clear that climate change presents a serious risk to poverty eradication and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. While it affects us all, the adverse impact of climate change is more severely felt by poor people and poor countries.
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    Adapting to climate change

    Finance and Development, IMF, 2002
    Article examining possible impacts of climate change on developing economies and making suggestions for how countries might develop policies to mitigate ecomomic and fiscal disruption.Among the recommended actions are:When crafting the fiscal stance, governments should take account of their countries' potential vulnerability to economic shocks arising from extreme weather
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    Adapting to climate change: social-ecological resilience in a Canadian Western Arctic community

    Conservation Ecology [journal], 2001
    Human adaptation remains an insufficiently studied part of the subject of climate change. This paper examines the questions of adaptation and change in terms of social-ecological resilience using lessons from a place-specific case study of the Inuvialuit people in Canada's western arctic.