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    Rural Peoples’ Perception to Climate Variability/Change in Cross River State-Nigeria

    Canadian Center of Science and Education, 2014
    This study attempts to assess perception level of rural people to climate change in selected communities in Cross River State, Nigeria. Results showed 71.7 per cent of the people are aware of climate change. They also indicated that the onset of rains is now delayed while cessation is earlier against the trend in the past.
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    Climate adaptation: Seizing the challenge

    World Economic Forum, 2014
    This report argues that nations and communities will need to adapt while at the same time seeking mitigation solutions to climate change. It highlights an increase in the interest of the policy, business and academic communities to the challenge of adaptation and sees it as something that will need to be continued as more people feel the impacts of climate change.
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    Climate change and livestock production: A review with emphasis on Africa

    South African Journal of Animal Science, 2013
    Historic climate changes have already played a role in the demise or development of agricultural production systems. This review article gives insight into the possible effects of climate change on their production parameters. The results and predictions of global studies and simulations are summarized with special emphasis, where possible, on the southern African scenario.
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    Low-carbon competitiveness in Kenya

    Overseas Development Institute, 2013
    This analysis of Kenya’s Vision 2030 initiative suggests that over the next decade, global trade patterns will be transformed by climate change, international mitigation, and natural-resource scarcity, resulting in an inevitable shift over time to a low-carbon global economy. This report has a particular focus on the energy, agriculture and manufacturing sectors.
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    Tackling climate change through livestock: A global assessment of emissions and mitigation opportunities

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2013
    It has been known for several years that livestock supply chains are an important contributor to climate change. Yet, despite existing and attainable potential to significantly reduce these greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, political will and the right policies are still required.
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    Challenges for a climate compatible development: how to strengthen agricultural, livestock and forestry public policies

    Latin American Platform on Climate, 2012
    This policy brief emerges from a process of analysis of the status and quality of the public policies on climate change and development in ten Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia, El Salvador and Paraguay.
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    British Journal of Environment and Climate Change

    British Journal of Environment and Climate Change (ISSN: 2231–4784) aims to publish original research articles, review articles and short communications.
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    Agricultural vulnerability and adaptation to climatic changes in Malaysia: review on paddy sector

    Current World Environment, 2013
    This paper provides a brief review on the global and Malaysian perspective of climate change, and its impacts on Malaysian agriculture and relevant adaptation practices. It also provides policy recommendations for better coping with the changing nature of climatic factors.
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    The climate and development challenge for Latin America and the Caribbean: options for climate-resilient, low-carbon development

    Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo / Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), 2013
    This comprehensive report by the Inter-American Development Bank seeks to assess the physical and economic impacts of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), as well as adaptation options available. Additionally, the report examines how, and at what cost, the region can reduce its carbon footprint to a level consistent with global stabilisation goals.
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    The climate and development challenge for Latin America and the Caribbean

    Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo / Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), 2013
    Climate change is already affecting the foundations on which Latin American societies rely for sustenance and welfare. Addressing these impacts, this report was prepared by a task force of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC).