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    Carrying capacity, rangeland degradation and livestock development for the communal rangelands of Botswana

    Pastoral Development Network, ODI, 1993
    A useful debate is developing over carrying capacity and the degradation of communal rangelands in sub-Saharan Africa. With a few lonely exceptions, scientists and policy-makers have in the past claimed that degradation is universal and livestock productivity lowered because of overstocking on communal range. This position has been mainly dogmatic.
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    The New 'Knowers' of West Africa. Muslims, Education and Social Change. A commentated bibliography.

    Danish Institute for International Studies, 1998
    Bibliography presents summaries of and comments on eight different texts, each providing important contributions to the subject of Muslims, education and social change in West Africa.
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    Asset bubbles, Leverage and ‘Lifeboats’: Elements of the East Asian crisis

    Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation, University of Warwick, 1998
    Collapsing credit markets have been blamed for the depth and persistence of the Great Depression in the USA. Could similar mechanisms have played a role in ending the East Asian economic miracle - and in creating fragility in global financial markets?
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    The Reconstruction of a War-Torn Economy: The Next Steps in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    Harvard Institute for International Development, Cambridge Mass., 1998
    Paper suggest some guidelines for the economic reconstruction of DRCongo. Summarizes the main socio-political events since independence. Serious political turmoil began in 1990, and ultimately led to "the implosion of a ramshackle government", but raises serious questions about the political strength of the new regime.
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    Out of Control: The loopholes in UK controls on the arms trade

    Oxfam, 1998
    Second investigation undertaken by Oxfam to identify and examine the UK's involvement in the international trade in small arms and light weapons.
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    Gender and Democratisation: The Mozambican Election of 1994

    Internet Journal of African Studies, 1996
    The primary objective of this paper is to give an account of one aspect of a specific political process, the Mozambican presidential and legislative election of 1994. In this instance, it approaches the event through the use of gender analysis so as to expand and deepen the existing discourse on democratisation.
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    Liberia 1994: ECOMOG and UNOMIL Response to a Complex Emergency

    United Nations University, 1995
    Analysis of the failure of the Cotonou Agreement. Cotonou is a defined chapter in Liberia's recent history that begins with the signing of the agreement in October 1993 and ends at Akosombo on 6th September 1994. This study sets out to explain why it failed.
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    The Muslim Identity and the Politics of Fundamentalism in Kashmir

    Queen Elizabeth House Library, University of Oxford, 1998
    Examines the role of religion in the formation and assertion of political identity in Kashmir. The issue has been highlighted by the rise of Islamic militancy in the 1990s.
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    Internal Displacement: articles from Forced Migration Review

    Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford, 1998
    Short articles on internal displacement of refugees: Forced migration within national borders: the IDP agenda by Jon Bennett The Three Gorges: the unexamined toll of development-induced displacement by Martin Stein National response to internal displacement by Jennifer McLeanLiving in the shadows: internally displaced people in southern Africa by Marion Ryan Sinclair Colomb
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    Deforestation and Land Use on the Evolving Frontier: An Empirical Assessment [in Nicaragua]

    Harvard Institute for International Development, Cambridge Mass., 1999
    The advance of the agricultural frontier constitutes the biggest source of deforestation in Central America today. This conversion of tropical forests into agricultural land and pasture is the direct result of individual land use decisions.