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    Chronic poverty in rural Ethiopia through the lens of life histories

    Institute of Development Studies UK, 2012
    Studying chronic poverty using retrospective qualitative data (life histories) in conjunction with longitudinal panel data is now widely recognised to provide deeper and more reliable insights (Davis and Baulch, 2009).
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    Designing active labor market policies in southern Punjab: evidence from household and community surveys

    The Punjab Economic Opportunities Programme (PEOP) is a flagship programme of the Government of Punjab being implemented in partnership with DfID.
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    Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP)

    The Center for Economic Research in Pakistan’s strategic objective is to help catalyse international quality economic research on Pakistan and inform policy and practice in the country.
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    The story of Brazil’s ethanol programme

    Evidence and Lessons from Latin America, 2014
    Launched in 1975, Brazil’s ethanol programme,Próalcool, has propelled the country towards being the world’s number one producer, user and exporter of sugarcane ethanol.Próalcoolnot only reduced national dependence on imported energy, it also bolstered the economy, created jobs and diversified the country’s renewable energy portfolio.
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    The private sector and youth skills and employment programs in low- and middle-income countries

    RAND Corporation, 2015
    This paper provides a comprehensive look at the way the private sector is involved in youth skills and employment in low- and middle-income countries, considering the broad range of programme types and firm types. It presents and interpret the available evidence of the effectiveness of this involvement.
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    Spotlight on publications: gender violence in Latin America

    Evidence and Lessons from Latin America, 2013
    This Spotlight presents some of the most important publications documenting the various manifestations of violence against women in Latin America.
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    Skills development in the informal sector of sub‐Saharan Africa

    World Bank, 2008
    This study examines the role played by education and skills development in achieving this objective.
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    Reforming technical vocational education and training in the Middle East and North Africa: experiences and challenges

    World Bank, 2005
    Having successfully expanded school coverage to unprecedented levels, countries in the Middle East and North Africa are turning their attention to improving the quality of learning opportunities for their citizens. This report is the result of a joint analysis of the main challenges for the reform of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in the Middle East and North Africa
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    Climate-smart agriculture in Kenya

    Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, 2015
    Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) requires a major shift in the way land, water, soil nutrients, and genetic resources are managed to ensure that these resources are used more efficiently. Making this shift requires considerable changes in technical approaches and financial mechanisms conclude the authors.
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    Zero-deforestation commitments in Indonesia

    Center for International Forestry Research, 2015
    Zero-deforestation commitments are emerging rapidly in Indonesia. They already encompass a large portion of crude palm oil production and almost all the pulp and paper (P&P) sector; typically, they reflect the values of the “no-deforestation, no-exploitation (social) and no-peat” policies.