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    Payments for ecosystem services schemes: project-level insights on benefits for ecosystems and the rural poor.

    World Agroforestry Centre, 2013
    Payments  for  ecosystem  services (PES)  provide a market based instrument to motivate changes in land use that degrade ecosystem services.
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    Understanding climate change finance flows and effectiveness – mapping of recent initiatives

    Overseas Development Institute, 2013
    This paper provides an overview of the large number of initiatives that have been implemented to assist developing countries manage their response to climate change, both through information provision and policy-relevant analysis. It is aimed primarily at government officials who are involved in decision making over how to utilise climate finance in support of relevant national actions.
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    Sum of parts: Making the green climate fund’s allocations add up to its ambition

    World Resources Institute, Washington DC, 2013
    The Green Climate Fund (GCF) was established in 2010 with the aim that it would become the primary global fund for climate change finance in developing countries. This paper outlines analysis of the allocation systems of 15 funds with a range of thematic focuses in order to understand how their allocation process might inform the GCF.
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    The climate change agenda in Zambia National interests and the role of development cooperation

    Danish Institute for International Studies, 2013
    This working paper aims to deepen understanding of the climate change agenda in Zambia. It focuses on three features: It provides an overview of the disaster management and climate change framework at national level, it examines the role and extent of aid to climate change, and it discusses the interests of the central government in climate change.
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    Addressing the barriers to climate investment

    Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2011
    This guide comments on the discussions so far about financial instruments for the Business Model Framework of the Green Climate Fund (GCF). It summarises the barriers to financing mitigation and adaptation activities, as well as discussing factors to consider when selecting and implementing financial instruments.
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    Climate and Development Outlook: Rwanda: Pioneering steps towards a climate resilient green economy

    Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2013
    This paper focuses on climate compatible development in Rwanda and the challenges and opportunity which the country faces in working on it . The authors describe a government that is moving from grappling with strategy and policy at a national level, to the practical challenges of implementing sustainable development at the budgetary, sectoral and district levels.
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    What is Good Governance?

    Women in Development Section, UNESCAP, 2010
    The terms ‘governance’ and ‘good governance’ are being increasingly used in development literature. It relates to the process of decision making and implementation. Major donors and international financial institutions are increasingly basing their aid and loans on the condition that reforms that ensure ‘good governance’ are undertaken.
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    Prioritizing fossil-fuel subsidy reform in the UNFCCC process: recommendations for short-term actions

    International Institute for Sustainable Development, 2013
    This policy brief addresses the importance of fossil-fuel subsidy reform in the context of meeting global climate change mitigation goals, elaborates on the concrete actions Parties can take to progress reform, and describes how efforts under the auspices of the UNFCCC will complement similar work in other international forums.
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    Zero carbon Britain: rethinking the future

    Centre for Alternative Technology, 2013
    This report explores how Britain can achieve Carbon neutrality. Building upon the groundwork laid by the Zero Carbon Britain project over the last six years, the authors incorporate the latest developments in science and technology, plus more detailed research in two main areas: balancing highly variable energy supply and demand; and the nutritional implications of a low carbon diet.
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    Laying the foundations for climate resilient development: voices from Africa

    Africa Adaptation Programme, 2013
    This Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) report details the achievements and lessons learned, as told by those who implemented it. It features interviews with representatives from almost every AAP country and seeks to chronicle the successes of the Programme by giving a voice to the people on the ground who made it happen.