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    Journal of Gender, Agriculture and Food Security

    The Journal of Gender, Agriculture and Food Security (Agri-Gender) is an international, open access, peer-reviewed and refereed journal published by the Africa Centre for Gender, Social Research
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    How do gender approaches improve climate compatible development? Lessons from Peru

    Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2016
    This brief is based on a research project carried out by Practical Action Consulting with support from the Institute of Development Studies, commissioned by and supported by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), to provide evidence on the advantages and challenges of integrating a gender dimension into climate compatible development strategies in urban settings, with a focus on
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    How do gender approaches improve climate compatible development? Lessons from India

    Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2016
    Although evidence shows that women are both victims of climate change and important contributors of knowledge and skills in disaster risk, adaptation and mitigation strategies, the gender perspective is largely missing from the design and planning of climate change responses and policies.
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    Social innovation as a tool for enhancing women's resilience to climate change: a look at the BRICS

    BRICS Policy Center / Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas BRICS, 2016
    The BRICS countries face both the challenges of developing nations in facing climate change and bear the responsibility of the developed ones. These countries have been leaders for the developing world in climate negotiations and have taken responsibility and action to reduce their contribution to the problem.
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    CBA and gender analysis practitioner brief

    CARE International, 2016
    The brief is the third in a series of practitioner briefs which document ALP learning on community based adaptation approaches in ways that are useful to practitioners, development actors and decision-makers.
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    'Reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation': briefs on gender and climate funds

    Global Gender and Climate Alliance, 2009
    Women often play critical roles in forest management, and their unique knowledge and skills can help REDD mechanisms and projects become more effective, equitable and sustainable. At the time this brief was written, the international mechanisms for REDD were being negotiated.
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    Virtue and vulnerability: Discourses on women, gender and climate change

    Elsevier, 2011
    In the limited literature on gender and climate change, two themes predominate – women as vulnerable or virtuous in relation to the environment. Two viewpoints become obvious: women in the South will be affected more by climate change than men in those countries and that men in the North pollute more than women.
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    Social and gender equity issues in forestry and REDD+ in Myanmar

    The Centre for People and Forests, 2015
    This discussion paper captures the panel’s reflections on Myanmar’s current state of gender considerations and the policy environment in the forestry sector and, based on lessons learned, offers recommendations to improve mainstreaming gender strategies in REDD+ planning and implementation in the country.
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    Lessons learnt of Thai women environmental leaders

    Thai Society of Higher Education Institutes on the Environment, 2015
    This research explores why Thai women have become environmental leaders, how they work so successfully as an environmental guardian, and what their next steps could be.
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    Making it count: integrating gender in climate change and Disaster Risk Reduction

    CARE International, 2015
    This guide gives suggestions on how to practically address gender and women’s empowerment in climate change and disaster risk reduction (DRR) projects, or projects which have integrated climate change and DRR considerations. It has a focus on Vietnam.