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    Shaping climate resilient development

    Global Environment Facility, 2009
    This paper presents an assessment of climate risks from the existing climate as well as from a range of scenarios.
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    The Earth is faster now: indigenous observations of arctic environmental change

    Arctic Research Consortium of the United States, 2002
    This paper presents observations of indigenous people on the arctic environmental change and the implications of such change. It also examines the ways in which social science methods and results contribute to collective understanding of the arctic system, the combination and interactions among physical, biological, and social conditions, and its relationship with the rest of the world.
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    Indigenous knowledge systems and Alaska native ways of knowing

    Until recently, literature on Native world views and ways of knowing has been scarce. Indigenous peoples globally have sustained their unique world views and knowledge systems for ages even in the face of transformative forces beyond their control.
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    Climate change policy and the adoption of methane digesters on livestock operations

    United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, 2011
    Methane digesters are costly biogas recovery systems that use methane from manure to generate electricity. This paper highlights that burning methane in a digester reduces greenhouse gas emissions and thus suggests the establishment of supporting programmes for these emission reductions.
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    Renewable revolution: low-carbon energy by 2030

    Worldwatch Institute, 2010
    For the world to avoid catastrophic climate change and an insecure economic future, this transition must be accelerated. Shifting to a sustainable energy system based on efficiency and renewable energy will require replacing a complex, entrenched energy system.
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    Cap and Trade in not enough

    The Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon, 2009
    The US congress is debating a framework for greenhouse gas emissions trading. The most likely mechanism is a cap-and-trade programme whereby a limited (capped) number of carbon emissions permits are released and auctioned.
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    Military vs. climate security

    Foreign Policy in Focus, 2008
    The paper argues that there is an inadequate improvement on the ratio between military and climate change spending by the US government, given the relative magnitude and impact of climate change problems.
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    Reducing US greenhouse gas emissions: how much at what cost?

    McKinsey and Company, 2008
    Annual greenhouse gas emissions are projected to rise in the United States by 35 percent by 2030. This report discusses the costs of reducing emissions in the United States under three different scenarios. The report concludes that achieving reductions at a low cost to the economy requires a coordinated, economy-wide effort beginning in the near future.
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    Climate Impacts Group (CIG)

    CIG is an interdisciplinary research group studying the impacts of natural climate variability and climate change on the U.S. Pacific northwest.
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    id21 viewpoint - Litigating for climate justice

    id21 Development Research Reporting Service, 2006
    Litigation (legal action) for justice over climate change is an immense global issue which is likely to increase in the future. The complexities of legal systems are a disadvantage for poor communities, who often suffer the most serious impacts of climate change. Is it worth these people going to court over climate change?