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    Guidelines for Participatory Nutrition Projects

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1995
    Guidelines to help development staff working at community level to promote the design and implementation of participatory nutrition projects.Designed for use by professional staff from different technical and institutional backgrounds, who have had formal technical training or education, and who either work at the community level or are responsible for community development activities.
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    Welfare in transition: trends in poverty and well-being in Central Asia

    Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines, 1999
    Examines the impact of the transition from a planned to a market economy on living standards and welfare in the five Republics of former Soviet Central Asia – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, along with the Republic of Azerbaijan.
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    Infant and Child Feeding Indicators Measurement Guide

    Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance Project, 1999
    This guide is designed to assist Cooperating Sponsors and USAID in monitoring and evaluating maternal and child health (MCH)/child nutrition activities funded under USAID's PL 480 Title II Food Aid program. The goal of these activities is to improve the nutritional status and the general well-being of infants and children. One measure of success is a reduction of stunted and underweight children.
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    Guidelines for integrating nutrition concerns into forestry projects

    Forests, Trees and People Programme and Network, FAO - SLU, 1991
    Making the link between nutrition and forestry projects more explicit and presenting ideas about how forestry projects should proceed.The manual has three purposes. First, it describes some of the linkages between forestry and nutrition to help foresters, together with nutritionists, orient their activities toward improving the nutrition situation in their project area.
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    Social communication in nutrition: A methodology for intervention

    Food and Nutrition Division, FAO, 1994
    Methodological and practical tool for the promotion and development of nutrition education particularly in developing countries. Aimed at all those involved in planning and implementation of activities of nutrition education and communication.
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    Agriculture, food and nutrition for Africa: A resource book for teachers of agriculture

    Food and Nutrition Division, FAO, 1997
    Resource book for use in sub-Saharan Africa by teachers of agriculture who wish to introduce into their training programmes aspects of the food chain that are related to food consumption and to nutrition. Designed for use by trainers in preparing their teaching material, it is not intended for direct use by students.
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    Considering nutrition in National Forestry Programmes

    Forestry Department, FAO, 1996
    Guide for planners and stakeholders involved in the implementation of National Forestry Programmes. It pays particular attention to strategic planning and the preparation of specific policy studies to analyse the forestry and forest related sectors from the perspective of food security.
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    Sorghum and millets in human nutrition

    Information Network on Post-Harvest Operations, FAO, 1995
    Provides extensive information on the nutritional value, chemical composition, storage and processing of these foods. In addition, the anti-nutritional factors present in these foods and ways of reducing their health hazards are discussed.
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    Maize in human nutrition

    Information Network on Post-Harvest Operations, FAO, 1992
    Provides information on the chemical composition of maize, including the makeup of maize protein and dietary fibre, on grain quality and storage and on the effects of lime-cooking of maize and the manufacture of foods such as tortillas, arepas and ogi.
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    New technologies and the global race for knowledge

    Human Development Report Office, UNDP, 1999
    The recent great strides in technology present tremendous opportunities for human developmenbut achieving that potential depends on how technology is used.