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    The State of the World’s Children 2001

    United Nations Children's Fund, 2001
    Drawing on reports from the world over, The State of the World’s Children 2001 details the daily lives of parents and other caregivers who are striving – in the face of war, poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic – to protect the rights and meet the needs of these young children.
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    Labour market aspects of state enterprise reform in Viet Nam

    OECD Development Centre, 1996
    State-owned enterprise (SOE) restructuring has proceeded more rapidly in Viet Nam than, for example, in China and India. The government tightened the budget constraints facing SOEs virtually simultaneously with price liberalisation.
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    Adjustment and Equity

    OECD Development Centre, 1992
    Adjustment does not necessarily increase poverty.Adjusting before a crisis reduces social costs.Refusal to adjust and the suspension of imports leads to self-centred underdevelopment, which is socially much more costly. The choice of macroeconomic stabilisation measures is important: the same result can be obtained with higher or lower social costs.
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    Understanding linkages among food availability, access, consumption, and nutrition in Africa: empirical findings and issues from the literature

    Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID, 1995
    By providing new perspectives on linkages between food availability, access, consumption, and nutrition, this report intends to assist policymakers in understanding the nature and extent of relationships among all variables involved in this issue, so as to encourage formulation of more appropriate and sustainable food policies.
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    Implementing the 20/20 initiative

    United Nations Children's Fund, 1997
    During the first half of the 1990s, goals and targets for infant mortality, child malnutrition, adult literacy and other social indicators were set at landmark world summits and global conferences.
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    Gender Equality and Investments in Adolescents in the Rural Philippines

    International Food Policy Research Institute, 1998
    Examines the nutrition, health, educational attainment, and contributions to family welfare of adolescents living in a rural area of the Philippines.
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    Pension Reform: Lessons from Latin America

    OECD Development Centre, 1999
    There are benefits from Latin American pension reform, but they have been overestimated. The approaches taken in second-generation reforms and their still early results hold lessons for OECD and non-OECD countries alike. A partial shift to funding is feasible and can be financed in different ways; partial funding of pensions can lead to greater risk diversification.
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    Agricultural Productivity Indicators Measurement Guide

    Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance Project, 1999
    Series of Title II Generic Indicator Guides has been developed by the Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANta) Project and its predecessor projects (IMPACT, LINKAGES), as part of USAID's support of the Cooperating Sponsors in developing monitoring and evaluation systems for use in Title II programs.