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    Seeing the light: adapting to climate change with decentralized renewable energy in developing countries

    International Institute for Sustainable Development, Winnipeg, 2004
    This book argues that well-designed decentralised renewable energy projects are both a mitigating and adaptive response to climate change.
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    No energy security without climate security

    WWF-World Wide Fund For Nature, 2006
    This brief prepared by the WWF for the 2006 G8 meeting in St. Petersburg argues that energy security is interlinked with climate change.
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    Linking trade, climate change and energy

    International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, 2006
    This collection of issue briefings highlights the links between international trade, climate change and energy. The report covers the following topics:
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    Renewable energy technologies in developing countries: lessons from Mauritius, China and Brazil

    Institute of Advanced Studies. United Nations University,, 2006
    Although the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) could see billions of dollars invested in the development of renewable energies in developing countries, this report argues that successful development of viable markets in renewable technologies is highly dependent on context-specific factors.This report looks at the context-specific factors behind the success of three renewable energy development
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    Financing energy efficiency: lessons from recent experience with a focus on Brazil, China and India

    International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Minsk, 2006
    Without gains from energy efficiency efforts, China, India and Brazil are projected to more than double their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in a single generation, resulting in major impacts on the global energy system and climate.
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    Renewables 2005: global status report

    Worldwatch Institute, 2005
    This report provides an overview of the status of renewable energy worldwide in 2005. It covers markets, investments, industries, policies, and rural (off-grid) renewable energy in developing countries. By design, the report does not provide analysis, recommendations, or conclusions.
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    The climate of poverty: facts, fears and hope

    Christian Aid, 2006
    Tens of millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa could die of disease directly attributable to climate change, is the main finding of this NGO report.
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    The role of women in sustainable energy development

    National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 2000
    This paper reviews the literature on women’s involvement in renewable energy and presents some examples of the impact of including or excluding women in renewable energy development. It addresses four key questions: Why do women need renewable energy? Are women really interested in renewable energy technologies (RETs)? Will women automatically benefit from RETs?
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    Energy planning, technologies and sustainability: a primer

    Cen2eco – Centre for Economic and Ecological Studies, 2005
    This detailed primer discusses the relative performance, costs and resource implications for a wide range of electricity generation technologies.
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    Power failure: how the World Bank is failing to adequately finance renewable energy for development

    Friends of the Earth, 2005
    Last year, the World Bank committed to increasing its renewable energy financing by 20 percent each year for the next five years, and this year, the G8 has asked the Bank to "finance a framework for climate change." The World Bank Group itself has also emphasised the global leadership role it hopes to play in addressing climate change and financing for renewable energy.Friends of the Earth (FOE