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    Access to information and implications for healthy ageing in Africa: challenges and strategies for public libraries

    DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2016
    The elderly people are of intrinsic value to societies. Their health is Africa’s wealth. Unfortunately, Africa has serious health burden raging from diseases, poverty ignorance that hardly support healthy ageing.
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    Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID)

    Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID) is an inclusive business initiative engaged in developing ICT enabled products and services to support private and public (Government and NGO) init
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    ICT for development working paper series 2013

    Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development, 2013
    This issue of the Working Paper Series on ICT for DevelopmentF seven articles that deal with ICT for Development in the fields of agriculture and commerce. Titles include:
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    On the development of the mobile based agricultural extension system in Tanzania: a technological perspective

    The International Journal of Computing and ICT Research, 2015
    The growth of African science and technology has been hampared by a multitude of problems. From the continent’s late start in the race to setting up and obtaining universities with research quality fundamentals to equipment acquisition, lack of capacity, limited research and development resources and most importantly the increasing absence of international research partnerships.
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    The International Journal of Computing and ICT Research

    The International Journal of Computing and ICT Research (IJCIR) is an independent biannual open access publication of Makerere University.
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    Liberation technology: mobile phones and political mobilization in Africa

    Afrobarometer, 2016
    Can digital information and communication technology (ICT) foster mass political mobilization?
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    The hand-book of the modern development specialist

    Responsible Data Forum, 2016
    This book is offered as a first attempt to understand what responsible data means  in the context of international development programming. The authors have taken a broad view of development, opting not to be prescriptive about who the perfect “target audience” for this effort is within the space.
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    Responsible Data Forum (RDF)

    The Responsible Data Forum is a collaborative effort to develop useful tools and strategies for dealing with the ethical, security and privacy challenges facing data-driven advocacy. RDF activ
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    Science, technology, innovation in India and sccess, inclusion and equity: discourses, measurement and emerging challenges

    Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2015
    The role of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in economic growth is well accepted. Tracing the debate on the role of science in Indian society in the pre-1947 India, the discourses and narratives on science, technology and society in India are mapped and their impact on policies is discussed.
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    Feminist Africa e-spaces:e-politics

    African Gender Institute, South Africa, 2013
    Feminist Africa (FA) is a continental gender studies journal that provides a platform for intellectual and activist research, dialogue and strategy. Currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, FA is guided by a profound commitment to transforming gender hierarchies in Africa, and seeks to redress injustice and inequality in its content and design.