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    Urban livelihoods and food and nutrition security in Greater Accra, Ghana

    International Food Policy Research Institute, 2000
    Substantial abstract of a report studying the impact of urban life on the livelihoods, food security, and nutritional status of the poor in Accra. Examines food consumption and employment and income, as well as hygiene practices, sanitation conditions, and practices related to the care and feeding of children to determine their contributions to malnutrition.
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    Guidelines for the analysis of gender and health

    Health Sector Reform Research Work Programme, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, 1998
    How can health practitioners, researchers and managers better develop their gender analysis and learn to work in a more gender-sensitive manner? Researchers from the Gender and Health Group of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine have proposed a series of guidelines for improving gender analysis amongst health professionals.
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    Realizing decent work for older women workers

    Older Workers, 2000
    Paper aims to identify issues and contribute to the debate by governments, employers and trade unions, on legislative and policy measures necessary to address economic and social concerns raised by an ageing population.
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    Toolkit on Gender in Water and Sanitation

    Gendernet, World Bank, 1998
    The toolkit comprises ready-to-use material designed expressly for World Bank task managers working in the water and sanitation sector. It presents a range of tools for gender analysis and practical “how-to” strategies collected from program and project experience around the world.
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    The intimate enemy: Gender Violence and Reproductive Health

    Panos Institute, London, 1998
    Gender violence causes more death and disability among women aged 15 to 44 than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents or even war.