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    Sharing new ground in post-conflict situations

    United Nations Development Programme, 2000
    The paper reports on the UNDP undertaking of a strategic evaluation to take stock of its experience in complex emergency situations and extract insights to improve the organization’s capacity to respond. The terms of reference for the exercise identified the reintegration of internally displaced persons (IDPs), returnees and ex-combatants as the principal area of focus.
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    Seeking protection: addressing sexual and domestic violence in Tanzania's refugee camps

    Human Rights Watch, 2000
    Documents UNHCR's and the Tanzanian host government's failure to address violence against women refugees in a timely and effective manner, despite ample evidence that women's lives were in danger in their homes and in the general camp community.Recommendations:UNHCR needs to ensure a more institutionalised response if it is to address consistently and effectively the protection n
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    Refugees, displaced people and international migrants changing the face of development

    Centre for Developing-Area Studies, McGill University, 2000
    This presentation pursues two areas of reflection concerning the limitations of development strategies, both of which result from observations of armed conflicts: one is what happens to refugees, displaced persons and the diaspora (including, international migrants) and the other is what happens to the nation-state as it attempts to reconstruct and reconcile to prevent further conflict.
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    Vocational training for refugees: a case study from Tanzania

    Evaluation and Policy Analysis Unit, UNHCR, 2001
    Report concerns the evaluation of ongoing skills training programmes for the 10,000 young Burundian refugees entering adulthood each year in the refugee camps, with a view to expanding them into a wider programme based in the refugee camps.
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    The right to food in theory and practice

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1999
    FAO (ed), contributions from different authors from UN, academia and NGO-sector. In this publication, the rights related to food are examined from both the human rights and the operational points of view. Distinguished human rights expert A.
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    The politics of coherence: humanitarianism and foreign policy in the post-Cold War era

    Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI, 2000
    Examines the idea of coherence between political and humanitarian action which emerged in the aftermath of the Rwandan experience. It analyses the evolution of the concept in the last decade and its implications for the relationship between humanitarian and political action.