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    The Mining and Metals Industries: Progress in Contributing to Sustainable Development

    International Council on Mining and Metals [ICMM], 2002
    This working paper seeks to provide a brief overview of progress over the past decade of the mining and metals industries' contribution to sustainable development. It cannot include everything but attempts to cover the thematic areas of Agenda 21 as they relate to the industry, and as well as those issues which are important to the industry's stakeholders.
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    Equitable Protection for Intellectual Property in Africa

    Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network, 2002
    This document is a position paper from AEFJN which sets out their views with regard to IPR protection regimes as they relate to Africa. The paper is directed particularly at the EU and it's member states.In particular the paper champions the African Model Law (AML) developed by the OAU.
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    Extractive Sectors and the Poor

    Oxfam, 2001
    This paper examines how states that rely on oil and mineral exports address the concerns of the poor. Its central finding is that oil and mineral dependence are strongly associated with unusually bad conditions for the poor.
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    Non-Consensual Sex in Marriage Pack

    BRIDGE, 2001
    A CHANGE pack on non-consensual sex in marriage (NCSM) presenting women's testimonies on NCSM, along with cultural support and obstacles to eradicating this form of gender based violence.
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    Gender Aspects of the Cotonou Agreement

    In June 2000, a new Partnership Agreement between the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states and the European Union (EU) was signed in Cotonou, Benin. The Cotonou Agreement sets out the general framework for the ACP states and the EU development co-operation relations for the next twenty years. As compared to its predecessor, Lom?
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    Breaking new ground: mining, minerals, and sustainable development

    International Institute for Environment and Development, 2002
    This final report presents the findings of the two year IIED MMSD [minerals, mining and sustainable development] project sponsored by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).
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    Biological diversity - more debate than action?

    International Institute for Environment and Development, 2001
    Short briefing paper providing a summary of the various issues arising around the implementation (or lack of it) of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The paper outlines the various policy instruments arising from the CBD and what they have achieved to date.
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    The 10/90 Report on Health Research 2001-2002

    Global Forum for Health Research, 2002
    Of the US$73 billion spent globally every year on health research only about 10% is actually allocated for research into 90% of the world’s health problems. This is what is known as the 10/90 gap.
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    Women facing war

    International Committee of the Red Cross, 2001
    Thousands of women the world over face the traumatic experiences of finding themselves caught up in situations of war and conflict either as innocent civilians or as armed combatants. However, women also show resourcefulness and resilience in the face of loss and destruction.This study was commissioned to assess the ways in which women are affected by armed conflict.
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    Gender equity and socioeconomic inequality: a framework for the patterning of women's health

    Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, University of California, 2002
    This paper explores the interrelationship between gender equity and socioeconomic inequality and its effect on women's health at the macro- and micro- levels.An integrated framework draws theoretical perspectives from both approaches and from public health.