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    Education and HIV/AIDS: a window of hope

    Education Section, Human Development Department, World Bank, 2002
    This paper lays out the World Bank's strategies for responding to HIV/AIDS in education systems, and in helping develop an effective preventative response.
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    The global impact of HIV/AIDS on youth

    Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2002
    This fact sheet provides an overview of the impact of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic on young people, including data on prevalence and incidence, why adolescents are vulnerable to HIV, which young people are at particular risk, and the role of prevention.The document concludes that rates of infection amongst young people are set to increse and thus, prevention interventions directed at youth will
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    Wildlife and poverty study: phase one report

    Department for International Development, UK, 2001
    Report aimed at producucing recommendations to DFID on an appropriate strategy for interventions which link rural livelihoods to wildlife and common natural resources.
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    Biodiversity rights legislation

    GRAIN, 2002
    Biodiversity Rights Legislation (BRL) is a collection of emerging laws that directly affect people's control over agricultural biodiversity in developing countries. It compiles those legislative texts that define rights in relation to genetic resources or to the knowledge associated with those materials.
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    Macroeconomics Of Turkey’s agricultural reforms: an intertemporal computable general equilibrium analysis

    Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2001
    This paper reports on a study examining the set of structural reforms launched in Turkey to address elimination of producer price subsidies in its agriculture, and replacing them with a targeted direct income transfer program. The study investigates analytically viable options of the proposed agricultural-cum-fiscal reform and adjustment under conditions of a heavy domestic debt burden and per
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    On the structural weaknesses of the post-1999 Turkish dis-inflation program

    Economics Department, Bilkent University, Turkey, 2002
    This paper explores the failure of the IMF-backed dis-inflation program initiated in Turkey in December 1999.
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    Don't let America bankrupt international bankruptcy reform

    Global Policy Forum, 2002
    Article in which Stiglitz praises the IMF for realising that their policy of 'big bailouts' to financially struggling nations served only to allow the wealthy to move their money out at a higher exchange rate and to allow banks to secure repayment on 'imprudent' loans.Alternative procedures based around some kind of international bankruptcy law (modelled on American bankruptcy law) may be the
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    Trade and Development Report 2002

    United Nations [UN] Conference on Trade and Development, 2002
    The Trade and Development Report 2002 analyses trends and outlooks for the world economy and focuses on export dynamism and industrialisation in developing countries.
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    Reaching youth worldwide

    Center for Communication Programs, Johns Hopkins University, 2002
    The United Nations estimates that one-half of all new HIV/AIDS cases are among 15- to 24-year-olds. Youth also face problems such as unemployment, adolescent pregnancy, and drug and alcohol abuse.
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    Agricultural biotechnology, poverty reduction, and food security

    Asian Development Bank Institute, 2001
    This working paper from the Asian Development Bank examines the risks and benefits of biotechnology in relation to human health, the environment, and Agriculture.