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    Livelihoods Research: some conceptual and methodological issues

    Chronic Poverty Research Centre, UK, 2001
    Review of conceptual and methodological issues in the pursuit of livelihoods research, with particular reference to southern Africa.Disparate and partly overlapping frameworks of investigation are outlined, with an emphasis on three key questionshow is empirical research at the micro-level related to analysis of the structural, historical and institutional elements of the macro-context?
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    Cool Your Head, Man: Results from an Action-research Initiative to Engage Young Men in Preventing Gender-based Violence in Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Oxfam, 2002
    How can men challenge gender violence? This was the question explored in an action research project by the Instituto PROMUNDO, a Brazilian NGO. To start with, focus group discussions were held. Each group was made up of 8-10 young men.
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    Islamic Feminism: What's in a Name?

    Al-Ahram Weekly, 2002
    What is Islamic feminism? Islamic feminism's key argument is that Islam's fundamental and central holy text, the Qu'ran, affirms the equality of all human beings. However, the interpretation of this text has been patriarchal. Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) and the reported, but not always authentic, sayings and deeds of the Prophet Mohamed, (hadith) have also been used to defend patriarchy.
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    Religious Perspectives of Sexuality: a Resource Guide (with summary chart: Religion, Sexuality and Public Policy: Overview of World religions)

    Park Ridge Centre USA, 2001
    Why is it important to understand the religious dimension of issues such as reproductive health, marriage and family, adolescent sexuality, homosexuality and the role of women? For many people sexuality cannot be separated from a religious context, and their values have an impact on policy.
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    Kosovo and the changing face of humanitarian action

    Collegium for Development Studies, University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden, 2001
    Proceedings from the conference Kosovo and the Changing Face of Humanitarian Action that took place in Uppsala on May 8, 2001. The conference was organised by the Collegium for Development Studies in co-operation with Globkom, the Swedish Parliamentary Commission on Global Development.
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    Extending special and differential treatment (SDT) in agriculture for developing countries

    WTO Watch Trade Observatory, IATP, 2002
    The argument put forward in this paper is that the instruments to give effect to special and differential treatment (SDT) are in a state of flux (because of changes in national and multilateral trade policy), but that the principles remain valid and justify the creation of new instruments.One prime candidate for new SDT, the paper argues, is the area of food security and with this in mind it e
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    Bold development box proposals meet with stiff resistance (WTO Agreement on Agriculture)

    International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, 2002
    Since the Seattle Ministerial developing countries have sought to introduce a ‘development box’ that would allow them more flexibility in implementing the Agreement on Agriculture.This article outlines the various proposals and responses and charts the progress of negotiations.Among proposals were provisions that:developing countries should be able to exempt staple crops important t
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    Issues of elderly in Armenia

    Global Aging Initiative Program, 2002
    Short review of the problems of the elderly in Armenia, and the lack of a there an explicit social policy addressing the issue of pensions
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    From civil society to policy research: the case of the Soros Network and its Roma policies

    Global Development Network, 2001
    This paper explores the process of policy making in the transition countries of Central and Eastern Europe by examining the role of the Soros Network in relation to the protection of Roma rightsThe paper argues that in the transition economies, many policy fields are still considerably undeveloped and in need of conceptually sound, efficient and consistent public policies.
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    Peace building and transformation from below: indigenous approaches to conflict resolution and reconciliation among the pastoral societies in the borderlands of Eastern Africa.

    African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes, 2001
    This article explores the conflict and conflict resolution among East African pastoralists and the role of indigenous conflict resolution processes and mechanisms.The article finds that:violence among the pastoral communities in the borderlands of Eastern Africa has escalated to such an extent that governments seem to be unable to contain the conflictmore is needed than efforts by s