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    Modelling the HIV/AIDS epidemics in India and Botswana: the effect of interventions

    Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, WHO, 2001
    In order to identify best strategies for HIV/AIDS control in two different countries, India and Botswana, the authors developed a dynamic compartmental simulation model.Several interventions were considered: a sex worker (CSW) focussed behavioural interventiona Mwanza-style conventional STI (sexually transmitted infections) treatment programmeA mother-to-child transmission prev
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    Non wood forest products in Africa: a regional and national overview

    Forestry Department, FAO, 2001
    The report compiles country profiles for all African countries as well as regional and sub regional aggregations. The country profiles show that statistical information on non wood forest products (NWFP) at national level is scarce and unreliable.
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    Report on the implementation of the G8 Action Programme on Forests

    Group of 8 Information Centre, 2000
    Uncontroversial asessment of the actions taken by G8 countries. Useful primarily as a catalogue of the new projects - and to a lesser degree policy initiatives - which have arisen as a result of this programme.Principle areas of activity can be loosely grouped as:monitoring and assessmentprotected areascorporate / private sector responsibilities illegal logging
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    Grey Literature Library - Fuelwood Collection

    Policy and Environment Programme, ODI, 2002
    Collection of ten papers looking at the impacts and issues arising from fuelwood use. Also case studies from a number of countries covering forest energy strategies and the development of alternatives.The papers included are as follows:Factors affecting fuelwood use in Taita, Kenya.Fleuret, A. 1983 Fuelwood use in Zanzibar town.
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    Intergovernmental actions on illegal logging: options for intergovernmental action to help combat illegal logging and illegal trade in timber and forest products

    Chatham House [Royal Institute of International Affairs], UK, 2001
    This report presents a brief overview of the range of options for intergovernmental action to help combat illegal logging and trade in illegal timber and forest products. Actions by individual producer and consumer governments could be complemented by international collaboration.
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    The elderly, HIV/AIDS and sustainable rural development

    Sustainable Development Department, FAO SD Dimensions, 2002
    This paper demonstrates that in high-prevalence countries, HIV/AIDS can modify the shape of the population pyramid in ways which developing countries have never experienced. The impacts of this new and brutal ageing of populations raise fundamental questions for food security, rural development, and the roles assigned to generations and between men and women.
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    Efficacy of removing natural forests from timber production as a strategy for conserving forests

    Forestry Department, FAO, 2000
    In light of several Asia Pacific nations imposing bans on logging of natural forests this study examines their experiences, assesses the impacts and outlines conditions necessary for the success of logging bans.The study found that bans had often been imposed suddenly as a response to disasters or crises resulting from past logging practices (eg. flooding or biodiversity loss).
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    Good governance and aid effectiveness: the World Bank and conditionality

    Paul H Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, USA, 2001
    This article assesses the Bank's approach for promoting good governance in developing countries. It argues that the Bank's use of traditional approaches to strengthen good governance in developing countries is misguided.The paper outlines the concept of good governance as defined by the World Bank and others.
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    Secretary General's Report 2001:Meeting the New Challenges

    Commonwealth Secretariat, 2001
    The work of the Commonwealth in advancing gender equality rests on the policy framework and strategy laid out in the 1995 Commonwealth Plan of Action on Gender and Development (PoA) and its Update for 2000-2005. The PoA is based on the Commonwealth's vision for women and men.
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    World Population Prospects Population database (UNPOP)

    United Nations Population Division, 2002
    Database of population estimates and projections whcih provide the standard and consistent set of population figures that are used throughout the United Nations system as the basis for activities requiring population information.The database accompanies the report "World Population Prospects: The 2000 Revision" which offers analysis of the data