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    The economics of international agreements for the protection of environmental and agricultural resources

    FAO Hypermedia Collection on Desertification, 1995
    The purpose of this paper is to review the economics of international environmental agreements (IEAs) and draw Implications for the international issues that are relevant to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Three chapters follow this introduction.
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    HIV/AIDS as a human security issue: a gender perspective

    United Nations [UN] Division for the Advancement of Women, 2000
    The HIV/AIDS epidemic today is not simply a health issue. Its spread and impact cuts across all levels of society causing important consequences for human security.
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    Corruption Perceptions Index

    Transparency International, 1999
    This annual index is based on seven international surveys of business people, political analysts and the general public and it reflects their perception of corruption in 52 countries. Updated annually
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    Who owns the media?

    World Bank, 2001
    This article explores who controls the world's media.
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    Efficiency, accountability and implementation: public sector reform in East and Southern Africa

    United Nations [UN] Research Institute for Social Development, 2001
    Five questions central to public sector reform in East and Southern Africa, and consistent with their proclaimed thrust, are addressed in this paper:Has the size of government employment changed since the mid-1980s?Have government functions become more focused on 'core' activities, such as health and education, during this period?Have real wage levels changed?Has accountability
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    The heart of the matter: donors, development assistance, and Public Sector Reform

    Institute on Governance, 2001
    The article looks at the present consensus on Public Sector Reform (PSR), and its effect on development.
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    Public-private partnership for the provision of public goods: theory and an application to NGOs

    Programme for the Study of Economic Organisation and Public Policy, LSE, 1999
    Analyzes the role of public and private responsibility in the provision of public goods.The paper emphasizes that a typical public good will require many different inputs which raises the possibility of partnerships to exploit comparative advantages of different parties.
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    DFID guidance manual on water supply and sanitation programmes

    Water and Environmental Health at London and Loughborough, 1998
    The Department for International Development (DFID) commissioned this Guidance Manual toassist staff and partners to develop effective and sustainable water supply and sanitation programmes. The Manual comprises three chapters and appendices.
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    Financial sustainablility for credit programmes: a travel survival guide

    Sustainable Banking with the Poor ,World Bank, 1997
    This guide is intended for microcredit program managers and staff with little accounting and financial skills. The guide lays out the essentials of an income statement in a very user-friendly way to enable program officers to understand the concept of financial sustainability and measure their own institution’s sustainability.
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    How to Create an Effective Communication Project [on HIV / AIDS]

    Family Health International, 1996
    Careful planning of communication projects is necessary for the success of HIV/AIDS prevention programs. This handbook will guide you through the development of behavior change communication (BCC) projects using a strategy developed by the AIDS Control and Prevention (AIDSCAP) Project of Family Health International. The strategy is illustrated by the Communication Pyramid.