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    Power failure: how the World Bank is failing to adequately finance renewable energy for development

    Friends of the Earth, 2005
    Last year, the World Bank committed to increasing its renewable energy financing by 20 percent each year for the next five years, and this year, the G8 has asked the Bank to "finance a framework for climate change." The World Bank Group itself has also emphasised the global leadership role it hopes to play in addressing climate change and financing for renewable energy.Friends of the Earth (FOE
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    Energy for the poor?: the Clean Development Mechanism

    International Policy Network, 2004
    The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol allows developed nations to generate carbon credits by aiding poor nations to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. This paper aks the question: what if unsuitable CDM projects are based more on the interests and ideology of the wealthy supplier than of the poor recipient?There are two keys to the success of any project in Africa.
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    Industrial efficiency as an economic development strategy for South Africa

    Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town (UCT), 2005
    This paper indicates that industrial energy efficiency measures offer the potential to increase profitability and jobs while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and influence other sustainable development goals.
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    China and climate change: the role of the energy sector

    SciDev.Net, 2005
    Climate change is affecting China and China is affecting climate change. Key to the relationship are the nation's booming economy and energy sector.With several climatic zones and sensitive physical environments, China is susceptible to the effects of climate change.
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    Report: aiding and abetting climate change

    AID/WATCH, 2004
    The report reviews the funding commitment of Australian Aid Programmes for the energy sector, with a particular emphasis on the sector of renewable energy.Main findings include:funding for renewable energy projects have plummeted from $20 million in 1996/7 to a mere $647 000 in 2002/3even though an overall decrease in the funding of the energy sector can be noticed, there neverthele
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    The price of power: poverty, climate change, the coming energy crisis and the renewable revolution

    New Economics Foundation, 2004
    This report argues that a continuing reliance on fossil fuels will perpetuate poverty and could drive a huge "reversal of human progress." It stipulates that increased investment in renewable energy could save millions of lives and avert an impending crisis over global energy supplies, and that even a relatively small shift in investment in the energy sector in percentage terms could have hugely
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    Climate sensitivity uncertainty and the need for energy without CO2 emission

    SciDev.Net, 2003
    This paper states that at least three quarters of the world's power must come from clean sources by the end of this century to sufficiently limit global warming.