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    Water use in China’s power sector: Impact of renewables and cooling technologies to 2030

    International Renewable Energy Agency, 2016
    This brief by China Water Risk and IRENA examines the expected impact of China’s power sector on water and climate in 2030. Building on plans announced at the COP21 climate change conference in Paris, and earlier analyses by China Water Risk and IRENA, it assesses the impact of different options for China’s power mix in 2030 on water use and carbon emissions.
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    Women as agents of change in water: reflections on experiences from the field

    UN Women, 2015
    The Women for Water Partnership (WfWP) currently includes 26 women’s networks covering around 100 countries, predominantly in the developing world.
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    National report: Integrating management of watersheds and coastal areas

    Government of Grenada, 2001
    This paper provides an analysis of the current watershed, water resources and coastal zone management issues in Grenada pursuant to Grenada’s obligations on the Global Environment Facility approved Project entitled “Integrating Management of Watersheds and Coastal Areas in Small Island Watersheds and Coastal Areas in Small Island Developing States in the Caribbean.
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    Assessing IWMI's reserach impacts: a framework for action

    International Water Management Institute, 2002
    This paper lays out a framework for establishing an impact assessment program at IWMI. The framework addresses both the conceptual and practical considerations for measuring and tracking impacts of natural resource management research and can serve as a road map for IWMI to better assess its contributions toward improved water and land management in developing countries.
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    Ocean energy technology: readiness, patents,deployment status and outlook

    International Renewable Energy Agency, 2014
    This report aims to accelerate and promote the widespread sustainable deployment of ocean energy technologies worldwide by providing a robust, accurate and up to analysis of ocean energy, focusing on the readiness of the various technologies involves, their deployment status and trends, patent activities in the sector and market outlook as well as barriers to ocean energy deployment.
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    World small hydropower development report 2013: Caribbean

    United Nations [UN] Industrial Development Organization, 2013
    This report which was jointly produced by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and International Center on Small Hydropower gives an overview of the electricity sector and the status and potential of hydropower in the Caribbean. It also discusses relevant policies, legislation and barriers to hydropower.
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    Geographical information system-assisted water availability analysis for Grenada: map compendium

    United Nations [UN] Environment Programme, 2006
    Map compendium of water availability for Grenada, produced as part of the UNEP project, Promoting Rainwater Harvesting in Caribbean Small Island Developing States.
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    How do healthy rivers benefit society?

    Overseas Development Institute, 2016
    Around the world, river system degradation and vulnerability is undermining their ability to provide critical ecosystem benefits and services that many communities rely upon.
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    The environment and climate change outlook of Pakistan

    UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, 2013
    A key cross sectoral challenge for Pakistan is to build a resilient interrelated socio economic and ecological system.
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    Climate change and water resources planning, development and management in Zimbabwe

    World Bank, 2014
    Water is central to the Zimbabwean economy, people's livelihoods and their social well-being; its availability and reliability is a function of highly variable climatic conditions. Irrigated agriculture is the major water using sector while rain fed agriculture depends on reliable rainfall.