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    Sexual & reproductive health in the Middle East and North Africa a guide for reporters

    Population Reference Bureau, 2008
    Cultural sensitivities and taboos surrounding sexuality are particularly pronounced in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, and make the role of the media vital in providing objective information about sexual and reproductive health matters.
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    Equality for women: a handbook for NHRIs on economic, social and cultural rights

    Equitas- International Centre for Human Rights Education, 2008
    Like all standards and aspirations, women's economic, social and cultural rights ultimately depend on the ability to enforce them.This handbook is intended as a specific tool for national human rights institutions to enhance their work in protecting and promoting women’s equality through economic, social and cultural rights.
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    Family life education: a handbook for adults working with youth from a Christian perspective

    Family Health International, 2008
    Whilst many youth attend churches, faith leaders often do not address issues related to sexuality. Church groups have taken a leadership role in helping HIV orphans, but few have worked as vigorously with youth regarding prevention of HIV and pregnancy. This handbook seeks to encourage open discussion about sexuality, reproductive health, and HIV in the context of faith communities.
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    Gender in agriculture sourcebook

    International Fund for Agricultural Development, 2008
    This extensive resource provides guidance for the development of rural agricultural strategies that effectively promote gender equality and women's empowerment and reduce poverty.   The Sourcebook is the outcome of a collaboration between the World Bank, The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).
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    Building national campaigns: activists, alliances, and how change happens 

    Oxfam, 2007
    Women workers are an increasing part of the global labour force. However, they often find only poor-quality employment, thus, they are working, but remain trapped in poverty. No matter the context, many women workers face multiple challenges.
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    Gender Mainstreaming Reference Kit

    Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, 2008
    The Gender Mainstreaming Reference Kit is intended to serve as a resource document for assisting the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) and its member organisations, as well as generalist human rights organisations, women’s rights organisations and other civil society groups, in mainstreaming gender in their policies, programmes and interventions.
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    Working with the media on gender and education: a guide for training and planning

    Oxfam, 2008
    Nationally, regionally and internationally millions of individuals and thousands of civil society groups and organisations are campaigning for quality education for all. This guide draws on learning from two “Gender, Education and the Media” workshops which were held in Nairobi, Kenya in December 2005 and in Dhaka, Bangladesh in March 2006.
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    Mission possible: a gender and media advocacy training toolkit

    Global Media Monitoring Project, 2008
    This toolkit seeks to de-mystify the media, gender and media advocacy by providing concrete steps, case studies, pointers, tips and information, with the aim of influencing gender representation and portrayal in and through the media. The toolkit is written for organisations outside of the media which target it as part of their gender activism.
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    Claiming rights, claiming justice: a guidebook on women human rights defenders

    Oxfam Novib, 2007
    Women human rights defenders are women who defend human rights as well as those who defend sexuality-related rights. This guidebook is designed to support the ongoing process of enhancing the understanding of, and sensitivity to, the specific issues and situations confronted by women human rights defenders.
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    Gender in monitoring and evaluation in rural development : a tool kit

    World Bank Publications, 2008
    The toolkit for integrating gender into monitoring and evaluation has been developed to assist project task teams, borrowers and partners to recognise and address gender concerns in designing rural development sector projects. It aims to monitor progress in gender integration during implementation and to evaluate its impact in achieving overall rural well-being.