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    Political party assessment: Afghanistan

    Netherlands Institute for Muliparty Democracy, 2006
    This report provides an overview the current state of Afghanistan’s emerging political parties. It particularly focuses on parties represented in the National Assembly and discusses the political identity, organisational strength, internal democracy, and electioneering capacity of the 25 parties that were examined in this research. Some of the key findings include:
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    The African peer review mechanism in Mauritius

    Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project, 2007
    The report analyses the extent to which the Mauritius process of self-assessment for the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) has respected the criteria of effectiveness and credibility defined by the APRM founding documents. It particularly focuses on the extent to which APRM has been open, participatory, transparent and accountable.
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    A critical look at the charter on democracy, elections and governance in Africa

    Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project, 2007
    This paper provides a critical analysis of the recently adopted African Union (AU) Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance in Africa (the Charter). It identifies issues that pose a threat to stability and democracy in Africa and focuses on an analysis into the root causes of unconstitutional changes of government.
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    International Conference on Engaging Communities

    2005 UN and Queensland government organised conference resulting in the Brisbane Declaration on Community Engagement.
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    The role of parliament in budgetary oversight

    Parliamentary Centre, Canada, 2007
    This document provides an overview of the role of the Cambodian Parliament (National Assembly and Senate) in budgetary oversight, and general information on the budget process. It is targeted both at parliamentarians and at government officials and academics who wish to better understand the role of parliament in budget oversight.
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    China: minority exclusion, marginalization and rising tensions

    Minority Rights Group International, 2007
    This report critically examines Hu Jintao’s ‘harmonious society’ in China. In addition to journalists and Human Rights activists, the report is aimed at those in international governments and businesses who are seeking to build trade links with China. It exposes China’s development strategy and the exact price that ethnic minority communities continue to pay.
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    African Media Development Initiative: Zimbabwe - research findings and conclusions

    Kubatana, 2006
    This paper assesses the status of the media in Zimbabwe.
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    Chop fine: the human rights impact of local government corruption and mismanagement in Rivers State, Nigeria

    Human Rights Watch, 2007
    This Human Rights Watch report examines the misuse of public funds by local officials in the Rivers State of Nigeria’s. It is based on interviews in Rivers state with government and donor agency officials, civil servants, health care workers, teachers, civil society groups and local residents.
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    Malaysia's civil and political rights status report 2006: overview

    SUARAM, 2006
    This report summarsise human rights violations in Malaysia throughout the year 2006. Areas of particular interest include detention without trial and the abuse of police powers.
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    Parliament and democracy in the twenty-first century: a guide to good practice

    Inter Parliamentary Union, 2006
    What is the parliamentary contribution to democracy? What makes a parliament or legislature itself democratic? How might it become more so? These are the questions which this Guide seeks to answer.