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    Food safety in crop post harvest systems

    Natural Resources Institute, UK, 2001
    This report compiles presentations and reports from a Crop Post Harvest Programme (CPHP) workshop on food safety post harvest.
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    Dietary diversity as a food security indicator

    Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID, 2002
    Looks at whether dietary diversity, defined as the number of unique foods consumed over a given period of time, is a good measure of household food access.It draws on data from ten countries: Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mexico, Mozambique, and the Philippines.
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    Indian experience on household food and nutrition security

    Gender and Food Security, FAO, 1994
    Covers the production, availability and consumption of cereals, which are known to contribute around 70 percent of the energy and protein requirement and which happen to be the first objective to be attained by a poor household.