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    Stakeholder perceptions of agricultural policies in Kenya

    International Institute for Environment and Development, 2000
    This paper analyses the way in which certain soil fertility policies have evolved, and how stakeholders perceive them.
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    Broadening the benefits of reform in Europe and Eurasia: a social transition strategy for USAID

    Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID, 2000
    The ex-Soviet Eurasian and ex-socialist East European countries are undergoing what has been called economic and political transition. This article explores the sorts of changes that are required in order for this transition to be successful.
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    Carbon and forest management

    Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID, 2001
    This manual is written as briefing for USAID natural resource and environmental program officers, as well as for their host-country counterparts and other colleagues working on issues related to forestry.The report has two main objectives:To synthesize existing information regarding the relationship between forest resources and carbon, as it relates to the issue of climate changeTo
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    Development Cooperation Policy: a time inconsistency approach

    Eldis Document Store, 2000
    The paper considers why development cooperation policy has failed to meet the goals it has set itself. It analyzes cooperation policy based on theories of economic policy, which focus on the problem of time inconsistency and the impact of political decisions on economic choices.
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    Improving the operation of urban water supply systems in India: a discussion of unaccounted for water

    US Agency for International Development, 2000
    Project report from the Indo-US FIRE(D) project which aims to institutionalise the delivery of commercially viable urban infrastructure and services at the state, regional and national levels.
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    The politics of coherence: humanitarianism and foreign policy in the post-Cold War era

    Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI, 2000
    Examines the idea of coherence between political and humanitarian action which emerged in the aftermath of the Rwandan experience. It analyses the evolution of the concept in the last decade and its implications for the relationship between humanitarian and political action.
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    Farm pesticide, rice production, and human health

    IDRC Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia, 2000
    Analyses both positive and negative impacts of farm pesticide use on rice production and farmer’s health.
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    Forest management systems in the uplands of Vietnam: social, economic and environmental perspectives

    IDRC Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia, 2001
    Report of project aiming to assess and compare various forest management regimes against different socio-economic, environmental and institutional variables.
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    Obstacles to expanding intra-African trade

    OECD Development Centre, 2001
    Analyses the determinants of intra-African trade (IAT) to assess the potential obstacles to greater sub-regional trade.Finds that infrastructure, particularly poor telecommunication networks and weak transport communications, is a crucial factor hindering intra-Africa trade (IAT)sound economic policies, such as the adoption of Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAP) and good exchange-rat
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    Exporting corruption: privatisation, multinationals and bribery

    The Corner House, UK, 2000
    Deals with the globalisation of corruption. The article suggests that if corruption is growing throughout the world, it is largely a result of the rapid privatisation (and associated practices of contracting-out and concessions) of public enterprises worldwide.