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    Biodiversity and the Millennium Development Goals

    World Conservation Union, 2003
    The links between biodiversity and the path to achieving the MDGs have not been made explicit, even though biodiversity plays an important role in ensuring that the targets of the MDGs for sustainable development are successfully achieved.
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    The environment, natural resources and HIV/AIDS

    Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, 2003
    This short report looks at impacts of HIV/AIDS on agriculture and the environment, with a focus on rural areas in Africa.
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    Who will pay?: coping with aging societies, climate change, and other long-term fiscal challenges

    Finance and Development, IMF, 2003
    This article analyses the fiscal consequences of a series of demographic, climate, economic, security and technological changes that all countries in the world are experiencing nowadays.It argues that in this changing context governments will need to respond to growing demands for social services, heightened security needs, and unanticipated shocks, which will have serious fiscal implications.
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    Twelve reasons to exclude large hydro from renewables initiatives

    Friends of the Earth International, 2003
    This paper argues that whist initiatives to promote the use of renewable energies should be supported, there is a risk that they could be counterproductive if, as the large hydro industry is advocating, they are turned into instruments to promote hydropower megaprojects.The paper presents twelve reasons as to why large hydro should be excluded from renewable initiatives:large hydro does
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    The problem with flying: should aviation growth be curtailed?

    id21 Development Research Reporting Service, 2002
    Aviation contributes to air pollution, noise and global warming. As demand for air travel rises, how should governments and the aviation industry respond to environmental concerns? Can aviation’s greenhouse gas emissions be reduced? What are the key challenges involved in making aviation sustainable?
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    Sustainable food security for all by 2020: proceedings of an international conference

    2020 Vision for Food, Agriculture and the Environment, International Food Policy Research Institute, 2002
    These proceedings compile the documents produced in an international conference on food security held by IFPRI's 2020 Vision in Bonn (Germany), on September 4–6, 2001.
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    Economic impacts of climate change on tuna fisheries in Fiji Islands and Kiribati

    Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Oslo, 2000
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    Can the clean development mechanism attain both cost effectiveness and sustainable development objectives?

    Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Oslo, 2001
    This paper looks at both the back ground of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), and discusses to what extent its current design allows it to achieve both its objectives as defined in the Kyoto Protocol: to promote sustainable development in host developing countries, and to improve global cost-effectiveness by assisting developed countries in meeting their Kyoto targets.The first part of the
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    Global environmental governance: options & opportunities

    Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, 2002
    This collection of essays assembles the accumulated collective knowledge on global environmental governance generated by the Global Environmental Governance Project.
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    Feeling the heat: climate change and biodiversity loss

    Nature [journal], 2004
    Many plant and animal species are unlikely to survive climate change. Using projections of species' distributions for future climate scenarios, the report assesses extinction risks for sample regions that cover some 20 per cent of the Earth's terrestrial surface.