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    Sustainable forestry investment under the Clean Development Mechanism: The Malaysian case

    HWWA Institute of International Economics / Hamburgisches Welt-Wirtschafts-Archiv, 2002
    In the light of the development of the Malaysian forestry sector in recent years, the article gives an overview over the current discussions around the inclusion of biological carbon sink projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol.With the aim of facilitating sustainable forestry development as part of the CDM and contributing to development goals, the author rec
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    The war in Iraq: general environmental implications

    Friends of the Earth, 2003
    This briefing note asserts that the possible damage to the environment, to communities and above all to civilians deserves urgent practical and moral consideration before any decision for war is taken.
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    Aviation and the environment: using economic instruments

    This is an outline document of the options available to the UK government in ensuring that the aviation industry is encouraged to take account of, and where appropriate reduce, its contribution to global warming, local air and noise pollution.The report states that the government's objectives for aviation include sustainability and the polluter pays principle.
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    Carbon finance and the global equity markets

    Carbon Disclosure Project, 2003
    This paper examines the increasing attention on companies to diminish greenhouse gas emissions, assesses how companies are implementing these reduction policies, and attempts to carry out a cost-benefit analysis of a similar action.
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    Climate change and the skiing industry: impacts and potential responses

    University of Lapland Arctic Centre, 2001
    This paper looks at the environmental impacts of skiing on mountain ecosystems, the economic importance of skiing for many communities and the potential consequences of climate change for both.The author states that climate change may cause skiing to become unviable in a number of resorts, which would be economically bad for residents but may be ecologically good for the areas that have been im
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    High stakes: the future for mountain societies

    Panos Institute, London, 2002
    This report looks at the threats that face mountain environments and the people that live in them. It describes a 'vertical gradient of poverty' whereby 80 per cent of mountain inhabitants live below the poverty line. The authors describe the political, cultural and social marginalisation of many mountain communities.
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    Mountain watch: environmental change and sustainable development in mountains

    UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, 2002
    Mountain Watch provides the first map-based overview of environmental change in mountain regions and its implications for sustainable development.
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    Effects of household dynamics on resource consumption and biodiversity

    SciDev.Net, 2003
    Whilst human population size and growth rate are often considered important drivers of biodiversity loss the authors of this paper argue that aggregate demographic statistics mask substantial changes in the size and number of households and, consequently , their effects on biodiversity.
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    Poverty and climate change: reducing the vulnerability of the poor through adaptation

    Department for International Development, UK, 2003
    The report makes clear that climate change presents a serious risk to poverty eradication and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. While it affects us all, the adverse impact of climate change is more severely felt by poor people and poor countries.
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    Preparing marine protected areas to survive global change: additional guidelines to address coral bleaching

    World Commission on Protected Areas, 2001
    This paper describes guidelines for marine protected area (MPA) design and management that take into account the significant global problem of coral bleaching.