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    Climate, biodiversity and forests

    World Resources Institute, Washington DC, 1998
    Highlighting the contention that climate change itself is a major threat to biodiversity this report argues that protecting biological diversity may, in fact, help mitigate other impacts of climate change.
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    Responses to the challenges of globalisation: a study on the international monetary and financial system and on financing for development

    European Commission Directorate-General for Development, 2002
    Discusses the reform of the international monetary and financial architecture as a response to global financial crises and the issue of financing and promoting development as a means to reduce global inequality.
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    Globalization, growth and poverty: building an inclusive world economy

    World Bank, 2001
    Report argues that a country's willingness to integrate into the world economy leads to large benefits for the poorest.The study shows that 24 developing countries that increased their integration into the world economy over two decades ending in the late 1990s achieved higher growth in incomes, longer life expectancy and better schooling.
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    Abrupt climate change: inevitable surprises

    National Academies Press, 2001
    Recent scientific evidence shows that major and widespread climate changes have occurred with startling speed. These were especially common when the climate was being forced to change most rapidly.
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    Food for all: can hunger be halved

    Panos Institute, London, 2001
    Report providing an introductory overview of issues in light of the FAO's gloomy predictions regarding the global target to halve poverty by 2015. With case studies throughout the paper looks at the connection between hunger and poverty and the policies that are supposed to reduce both.
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    A review of the effectiveness of developing country participation in the Climate Change Convention negotiations

    Overseas Development Institute, 2001
    There is an enormous range of views and interests among developing countries (from the small and vulnerable countries in the AOSIS group to larger emitting countries like China and India, and the OPEC group which opposes climate change abatement based on fossil fuel reduction), just as there are major differences between developed country blocks.
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    Climate change and development

    Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, 2000
    Collection of essays, aiming to serve as a tool for decisionmakers in developing countries,who will have enormous responsibilities in facing climate challenges in the coming years.
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    World Bank and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

    Climate Change, World Bank, 1995
    This paper, prepared for the first meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) of the Convention, outlines principles and means for Bank Group assistance for mitigating climate change. The first section of this paper reviews key elements of the Framework Convention on Climate Change. This is followed by a summary of the foundations of Bank Group assistance for climate change mitigation.
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    Mitigation of methane from emissions from irrigated rice agriculture (IGAC)

    International Global Atmosphere Chemistry Project, 1999
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    Economic implications of greenhouse gas policy (Brookings)

    Brookings Institution, 1995
    This paper summarizes the debate on the costs and benefits of regional and global action to reduce future emissions of greenhouse gases. The paper also presents new evidence on possible future global emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels where these emissions are disaggregated by major developed and developing country regions.