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    What Role for Tropical Forests in Climate Change Mitigation? The Case of Costa Rica

    Harvard Institute for International Development, Cambridge Mass., 1999
    Land and forestry-based activities could in principle play important roles as climate change mitigation strategies. In practice, however, several questions have been raised about their feasibility. Therefore, understanding the processes and determinants of land use changes is critical.
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    The Regional Impacts of Climate Change: An Assessment of Vulnerability: summary for policy makers (IPCC working group 2 special report, Sept 1997) pdf version

    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 1997
    Assesses the degree to which human conditions and the natural environment are vulnerable to the potential effects of climate change. The report establishes a common base of information regarding the potential costs and benefits of climatic change, including the evaluation of uncertainties, to help the COP determine what adaptation and mitigation measures might be justified.
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    State of the World's Forests 1999

    State of the World's Forests, FAO, 1999
    Reports on the latest figures on global forest cover; current efforts to assess forest resources; the forest fires of 1997 and 1998; recent trends in forest management; the significance to forestry of the Kyoto Protocol of the Framework Convention on Climate Change; current and projected forest products production, consumption and trade; recent trends in forest policy, legislation and institu
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    Beginner's Guide to the UN Framework Convention

    United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 1999
    The 1990s have been a time of international soul- searching about the environment. What are we doing to our planet? More and more, we are realising that the Industrial Revolution has changed forever the relationship between humanity and nature.
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    Entering the 21st Century: World Development Report 1999/2000

    World Development Report, World Bank, 1999
    Localization—the growing economic and political power of cities, provinces, and other sub-national entities—will be one of the most important new trends in the 21st century.
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    Can China feed itself?: A System for Evaluation of Policy Options

    International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, 1999
    Decision-support application for planners and policymakers.
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    The Potential Effects of International Carbon Emissions Permit Trading Under the Kyoto Protocol

    Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australia, 1998
    Estimates the potential economic effects of the Kyoto Protocol, using the G-Cubed multi-region, multi-sector intertemporal general equilibrium model of the world economy.
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    Rates and Processes of Amazon Deforestation

    Environmental and Societal Impacts Group, 1997
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    The Regional Water Balance Statement: a new tool for water resources planning

    School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 1999
    It is widely accepted that the effective planning of water resources becomes more urgent with each passing year. Some would argue that this need is driven by the increasing size and density of human populations at the catchment and urban scale. Others point out that exponential growth in economic output and consumption produces ever higher volumes of waste water.
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    Who owes who?: Climate change, debt, equity and survival

    Christian Aid, 1999
    What is debt? Rich countries pursue highly indebted poor countries to service their foreign financial debts, at great cost to the millions who subsequently go without vital health and education services. But industrialised countries are themselves responsible for a much larger debt to the global community.