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    Spotlight on publications: right to consultation in Latin America

    Drawing on case study material from across Latin America, the publications in this overview present and analyse progress made on the right to consultation at the regional and national levels, on-going challenges and key lessons learned.
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    Spotlight on publications: smallholder farmers and rural development

    Evidence and Lessons from Latin America, 2013
    The publications presented in this overview represent some of the key resources dealing with a variety of issues related to rural development and small-scale farming in Latin America. The selected publications focus on: Market Access ; Territorial Development ; Rural Development ; Agricultural Productivity ; Reality of Smallholder Farmers ; and Land Use and Rights .
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    Spotlight on publications: social control mechanisms in supreme audit institutions

    Evidence and Lessons from Latin America, 2011
    Increasingly, Latin American (LA) Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs), the agencies in charge of overseeing the use of public resources, are creating mechanisms to involve citizens in the oversight process in order to improve the quality of audits, increase citizens’ trust in public institutions, and ensure their right to participate in public decisions.
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    Spotlight on Publications: Urban Environmental Governance

    Evidence and Lessons from Latin America, 2012
    Latin American cities are tackling environmental challenges through governance mechanisms and initiatives at the local level. The list of publications contianed in this brief highlights key research, policy analysis, and case studies focusing on the urban environmental governance strategies used in Latin American urban areas.
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    Strengthening bilateral trade and investment relationship Between Latin America and the Philippines: beyond economic diplomacy

    Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2004
    Trade with nontraditional and distant markets has always been regarded as worth exploring in an effort to increase market shares amidst the downside effects of globalization and regional trade cooperation.
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    Socioeconomic Impact of Broadband in Latin American and Caribbean Countries

    Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo / Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), 2012
    Broadband plays a key role in society, impacting GDP, productivity, and employment. In the Latin American and Caribbean region, which is characterized by low broadband penetration costly Internet connection, low usage, and sporadic adoption of mobile technology, a major goal for governments is to universalize access to and usage of broadband.
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    Effectiveness of international anticorruption conventions on domestic policy changes in Latin America

    This study evaluates the effectiveness of Transparency International Latin America and Caribbean Department (TI - LAC) Conventions Program’s strategy . This strategy tries to generate a dynamic stimulus for the effective implementation of the Inter - American Convention against Corruption ( IACC ) and the United Nations ’ Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in the Americas.
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    Taxes, transfers, and income redistribution in Latin America

    World Bank, 2012
    How much reduction in inequality and poverty does Latin America accomplish through taxes and transfers? How progressive are revenue-collection and social-spending patterns? This new 'Inequality in Focus' Brief from the World Bank's Poverty Reduction and Equity Department explores these questions.
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    Open government and targeted transparency: trends and challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean

    Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo / Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), 2013
    Transparency and integrity are key factors in consolidating democratic governance and deepening the modernization of the state. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has been supporting country efforts to achieve open government, providing technical support and knowledge on transparency in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region.
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    The outlook for agriculture and rural development in the Americas: a perspective on Latin America and the Caribbean 2013

    United Nations [UN] Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, 2013
    Ever since the increase in food prices in 2007-2008 raised the alarm about the sustainability of global food security, agriculture has been a major focus of public attention.