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    Adapting to climate change in the water sector

    Overseas Development Institute, 2009
    This background note, published by the Overseas Development Institute, provides an overview of the potential risks and vulnerabilities that face the water sector due to climate change. It also summarises of some of the adaptive strategies, targeting both supply and demand of water, being employed across various sectors in the developing world and offers suggestions going forward.
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    Vulnerability of arid and semi-arid regions to climate change: impacts and adaptive strategies

    This perspective document, part of the 16-paper series on water and climate change adaptation, focuses on the impacts and adaptive strategies in arid and semi-arid regions. The series reflect the central topic of the 5th World Water Forum, ‘climate change and adaptation’, where it was presented and discussed.
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    The future research agenda for ICTs, climate change and development

    Centre for Development Informatics, 2011
    A more holistic and flexible development approach is required to support the agency of people adapting to climate change. Since climate change adds another layer of complexity to development challenges, interventions must, at all stages, consider the ways in which people might engage with them in a range of possible future climate scenarios.
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    Climate change: impact on agriculture and costs of adaptation

    International Food Policy Research Institute, 2009
    Climate change, together with global population and income growth, is a major threat to food security in the world. This food policy report presents research results which quantify climate change impact, assess the consequences for food security and estimate the investment required to offset the negative effects on human wellbeing.
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    Browsing on fences: pastoral land rights, livelihoods and adaptation to climate change

    International Institute for Environment and Development, 2008
    This paper presents an overview of pastoral systems and addresses rights issues around access and control of resources in the context of climate change. The document brings together the inputs made by over 120 participants in a 2006 web-based forum and also includes material from a number of projects from around the world.
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    A preliminary assessment of energy and ecosystem resilience in ten African countries

    HELIO International, 2007
    Africa is vulnerable to climate change on two fronts: firstly, because of existing vulnerabilities and secondly, due to capacity limitations for disaster mitigation and inability to adapt to climate change.
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    Climate change and adaptation in African agriculture

    Stockholm Environment Institute, 2008
    The development of climate projections for Africa is evolving rapidly, yet little is known about how effectively this data is being utilised. This study, commissioned by the Rockefeller Foundation, aims to identify and understand the extent to which, and ways in which, information from climate change models is being integrated into agricultural development practice and decision-m
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    Climate change and pastoralists: investing in people to respond to adversity

    International Institute for Environment and Development, 2006
    The sustainability of pastoral systems largely depends on a balancing act between pastures, livestock and people. The mobility of pastoralists and their livestock is also a key factor. With climate change, the authors of this article speculate that this balance will be undermined.
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    Effects of climate change on the sustainability of capture and enhancement fisheries important to the poor: analysis of the vulnerability and adaptability of fisherfolk living in poverty

    Fisheries Management Science Programme, UK, 2004
    Although the majority of the world’s fisherfolk live in areas susceptible to the impacts of climate change, relationships between the physical impacts of climate change and the livelihood vulnerability of poor fishing communities have seldom been investigated.
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    Climate change: biodiversity and livelihood impacts

    International Institute for Environment and Development, 2004
    This publication considers the linkages between climate change (mitigation and adaptation) and biodiversity, and then relates these linkages to livelihoods, poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).