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    Surviving in a changing world: environment, security and microfinance

    The Green Cross Optimist, 2006
    This article summarises some of the ways in which environmental change is linked to insecurity.
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    Climate change: adapt or bust

    Lloyds, 2006
    As part of Lloyd’s ‘360 Risk Project’, which aims to generate debate on key insurance industry issues, this report urges insurers to face up to the growing threat of climate change.
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    The future of climate policy: the financial sector perspective

    United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, 2005
    The financial sector can play a role in mitigating climate change through investment in areas such as no- or low-emission technologies and carbon emissions trading. However, the time frames of the Kyoto protocol – due to conclude in 2012 – do not provide the certainty that investors need to invest in the necessary medium- to long-term projects.
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    Taxes v. permits: options for price based climate change regulation

    The Treasury, Government of New Zealand, 2005
    This paper provides an overview of key issues involved in the choice of market-based instruments for climate change policy.
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    Harnessing financial flows from export credit agencies for climate protection

    Centre for Clean Air Policy, 2004
    This paper explores the possibility of harnessing financial flows from developed to developing countries, specifically for climate protection.
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    Who will pay?: coping with aging societies, climate change, and other long-term fiscal challenges

    Finance and Development, IMF, 2003
    This article analyses the fiscal consequences of a series of demographic, climate, economic, security and technological changes that all countries in the world are experiencing nowadays.It argues that in this changing context governments will need to respond to growing demands for social services, heightened security needs, and unanticipated shocks, which will have serious fiscal implications.
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    Carbon finance and the global equity markets

    Carbon Disclosure Project, 2003
    This paper examines the increasing attention on companies to diminish greenhouse gas emissions, assesses how companies are implementing these reduction policies, and attempts to carry out a cost-benefit analysis of a similar action.