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    Biodiversity and the appropriation of women's knowledge

    Indigenous Knowledge and Development Monitor - Indigenous Knowledge WorldWide, 1997
    In the past few years research institutions and development organizations have 'discovered' the relevance of men farmers' indigenous knowledge of genetic resource management and, after some delay, that of women farmers as well. At the same time, attention has been drawn to the global need to conserve biological diversity.
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    Structure and conduct of major agricultural input and output markets and response to reforms by rural households in Madagascar

    International Food Policy Research Institute, 1998
    Interim reports on adjustment in the input trading sector; price behavior in local markets; and adjustment farm households have been published and are available online.
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    The right to food in theory and practice

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1999
    FAO (ed), contributions from different authors from UN, academia and NGO-sector. In this publication, the rights related to food are examined from both the human rights and the operational points of view. Distinguished human rights expert A.
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    Country Profiles of Land Tenure: Africa, 1996

    Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1998
    These Country Profiles represent a new edition of a continent-wide set of profiles prepared and published by the Land Tenure Center in 1986. This new volume reflects a decade of intensive work on the continent by LTC and a very considerable deepening of knowledge and understanding of land tenure issues in Africa.
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    Indian experience on household food and nutrition security

    Gender and Food Security, FAO, 1994
    Covers the production, availability and consumption of cereals, which are known to contribute around 70 percent of the energy and protein requirement and which happen to be the first objective to be attained by a poor household.
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    Biotechnology in Crops: Issues for the developing world

    Oxfam, 1998
    Overview of issues and actors in the debate on genetically modified crops.
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    Selling Suicide: farming, false promises and genetic engineering in developing countries

    Christian Aid, 1999
    Experience shows that large gaps between rich and poor, ownership of resources concentrated in too few hands, and a food supply based on too few varieties of crops, are the classic preconditions for hunger and famine. New technologies are taking us further down this ill-advised farm track.
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    Understanding the determinants of structural change in world food markets

    Global Trade Analysis Project, 1998
    Uses a modified version of the GTAP model to analyze the relative role of different forces underlying the compositional changes in world agriculture and food trade in the last 15 years. Attempts to isolate the effects of supply and demand factors as well as changes in transportation costs and trade policy.
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    Zambia’s Credit Management Services: micro-credit schemes for women entrepreneurs

    Africa Region Findings, World Bank, 1999
    Credit Management Services Limited (CMS) was established in 1992 as a subsidiary of Molver and Company, a Zambian accounting company.
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    Agriculture, food and nutrition for Africa: A resource book for teachers of agriculture

    Food and Nutrition Division, FAO, 1997
    Resource book for use in sub-Saharan Africa by teachers of agriculture who wish to introduce into their training programmes aspects of the food chain that are related to food consumption and to nutrition. Designed for use by trainers in preparing their teaching material, it is not intended for direct use by students.