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    Considering nutrition in National Forestry Programmes

    Forestry Department, FAO, 1996
    Guide for planners and stakeholders involved in the implementation of National Forestry Programmes. It pays particular attention to strategic planning and the preparation of specific policy studies to analyse the forestry and forest related sectors from the perspective of food security.
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    Focusing on women works: research on improving micronutrient status through food-based interventions

    International Center for Research on Women, USA, 1999
    Synthesis of five studies, undertaken in Ethiopia, Kenya, Peru, Tanzania, and Thailand, included intervention trails and measurement of impacts.The results suggest that it is possible to increase the effectiveness of micronutrient interventions (including Vitamin A, iron, iodine) by increasing women’s active participation in problem solving and by increasing their access to such key resources
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    Understanding linkages among food availability, access, consumption, and nutrition in Africa: empirical findings and issues from the literature

    Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID, 1995
    By providing new perspectives on linkages between food availability, access, consumption, and nutrition, this report intends to assist policymakers in understanding the nature and extent of relationships among all variables involved in this issue, so as to encourage formulation of more appropriate and sustainable food policies.
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    Early childhood nutrition and academic achievement: a longitudinal analysis

    International Food Policy Research Institute, 1999
    This paper investigates the nutrition-learning nexus using a unique longitudinal data set, which follows a large sample of Philippine children from birth until the end of their primary education.Finds that malnourished children perform more poorly in school, even after correcting for the effects of unobserved heterogeneity both across and within households.
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    Urban livelihoods and food and nutrition security in Greater Accra, Ghana

    International Food Policy Research Institute, 2000
    Substantial abstract of a report studying the impact of urban life on the livelihoods, food security, and nutritional status of the poor in Accra. Examines food consumption and employment and income, as well as hygiene practices, sanitation conditions, and practices related to the care and feeding of children to determine their contributions to malnutrition.