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    Sheltering from a gathering storm: Typhoon resilience in Vietnam

    Institute For Social And Environmental Transition, 2014
    This case study documents the rapid urbanization and economic development of Da Nang, a city in central Vietnam. It’s geography – being located on the tropical storm belt, and characterised by both mountain ranges and low-lying coastal areas – renders it a disaster prone city affected by various water-related hazards which translate into catastrophe on an annual basis.
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    Building urban food resilience: assessing the peri-urban food system in Kathmandu Nepal

    Institute For Social And Environmental Transition ISET-Nepal, 2008
    This report from ISET-Nepal describes how agricultural production in urban and peri-urban areas of inland city, Kathmandu, has become unable to meet food security demands due to rapid urban growth and decreased water availability and water pollution. The report describes the physical, environmental and social vulnerabilities of the food system and populations of the Kathmandu valley.
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    Addressing heat-related health risks in urban India: Ahmedabad’s Heat Action Plan

    Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2014
    This case study explores how city officials, health professionals and community workers in Ahmedabad, Western India are preparing to save lives in the city’s increasingly frequent and intense hot spells. The paper documents the key findings of a heat health project, led by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Indian Institute of Public Health (IIPH).
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    Rio de Janeiro City’s early warning system for heavy rain

    Evidence and Lessons from Latin America, 2013
    The city of Rio de Janeiro has developed a highly efficient early warning system (EWS) that is having an impressive impact after just three years in operation. The measures employed are innovative, inclusive and non-resource intensive, and are thus highly applicable to cities in other developing regions.
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    The Low Carbon City Development Program (LCCDP) guidebook: a systems approach to low carbon development in cities

    World Bank, 2013
    This guide aims to help city and urban practitioners in designing and implementing a Low Carbon City Development Program (LCCDP) that complies with the LCCDP Assessment Protocol.
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    Embedding climate change resilience in coastal city planning: early lessons from Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

    Climate and Development Knowledge Network, 2013
    This ‘Inside story on climate compatible development’ by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network summarises guidelines for climate change adaption in the coastal city of Cartagena de Indias in Colombia. It outlines the process leading to creation of the guidelines and highlights how they lay the foundation for a full municipal adaptation plan.
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    Unjust waters: climate change, flooding and the urban poor in Africa

    Russell Sage Foundation, 2008
    Poor people living in hazardous and unhealthy environments in urban areas may find their difficulties compounded by the consequences of climate change. These include those who construct their shelters on steep, unstable hillsides, or along the foreshore on former mangrove swamps or tidal flats.