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    Understanding the water security in peri-urban Hyderabad 2015-2017

    SaciWATERs / The South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies, 2016
    The southern Indian city of Hyderabad has seen unprecedented growth and is an emerging megacity. Some processes in its rapid urbanisation and development have had serious repercussions and are proving to be a threat to the city and its environs.
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    SaciWATERs / The South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies

    SaciWATERs, the South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies, is a policy research institute based in Hyderabad, India.
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    Arsenic free drinking water: a success story

    Arsenic Knowledge and Action Network, 2016
    An honest effort was attempted against Arsenic in Madhusudan Kathi village in North 24 Pargana district of West Bengal. That effort is now reciting a success story today.
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    Arsenic Knowledge and Action Network

    Arsenic Knowledge and Action Network aims to drive knowledge sharing and problem solving by collaborative action in the water sector.
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    Environmental issues in Ethiopia and links to the Ethiopian economy

    Evidence on Demand, 2015
    Ethiopia has a high-level strategy to pursue agriculture-based industrialisation with a goal of achieving middle income country status by 2025 with no net increase in carbon emissions.
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    Green Development Strategic Action Plan for Ulaanbaatar 2020

    Asia Foundation, 2015
    Ulaanbaatar is the capital and political, business and cultural center of Mongolia. The city has rapidly grown in size over the last decades as a result of rural to urban migration, attracting people seeking education, employment, services and business opportunities.
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    Local content requirements in the petroleum sector in Tanzania: a thorny road from inception to implementation?

    Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway, 2016
    Tanzania has recently discovered huge offshore natural gas fields. This has led the Government to develop local content policies (LCPs) to increase job and business opportunities for nationals in the sector. We study the process behind the development of these policies and the positions of stakeholders.
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    At the extremes: corruption in natural resource management revisited

    U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, 2016
    Natural resource sectors are undergoing profound changes. Resources are being extracted in more remote locations within corruption-prone developing countries than was previously the case; there is an increased proliferation of actors involved in resource extraction; and a marked shift towards renewable energy, conservation and climate change projects in developing countries.
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    The ocean and us: how healthy marine and coastal ecosystems support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    GRID Arendal, 2015
    The ocean has been a cornerstone of human development throughout the history of civilization. People continue to come to the coasts to build some of the largest cities on the planet, with thriving economies, culture and communities. Ocean and coastal ecosystems provide us with resources and trade opportunities that greatly benefit human well-being.
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    Values, culture and the ivory trade ban

    South African Institute of International Affairs, 2016
    The new reality of a world without ivory trade demands a re-examination of human values towards both elephants and ivory and what each has come to represent. The closure of the world’s largest ivory markets (US and China), in line with the  longstanding international ivory trade ban, must reflect a change in values.