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    India's Panda the rise and fall of Sabyasachi Panda in India's Maoist movement

    Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India, 2016
    Sabyasachi Panda is an ordinary man with a curious claim to fame. A mathematics graduate from a middling college in rural India, Panda, with his custom short haircut (combed to the side), generic reading glasses, and stock-standard moustache (almost universal amongst Indian men), speaks softly and almost entirely in well-worn clichés.
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    India in Afghanistan: a rising power or a hesitant power?

    Ever since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, India has tried to pursue a pro-active Afghanistan policy and a broad-based interaction is taking place between the two states. This is also a time when Indian capabilities - political, economic, and military - have increased markedly and India has become increasingly ambitious in defining its foreign policy agenda.  
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    Of broken social contracts and ethnic violence: the case of Kashmir

    Crisis States Research Centre, LSE, 2005
    This paper examines the conflict in Kashmir, arguing that the main reason for political discontent and resort to violence has to do with repeated infringement of the social contract by the central government of India, acting often in tandem with the state government. It first considers the theoretical debates concerning nationalism and ethnicity.