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    Zimbabwe’s changing urban landscape

    Department for International Development, UK, 2017
    The definition of which settlements count as ‘urban’ in Zimbabwe is complex, creating uncertainty regarding the extent and nature of urbanisation.
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    Governance of urban land markets in Zimbabwe

    Urban LandMark, 2011
    Land market activity is a proxy indicator of economic health. Funding will continue to be a critical component of the land and housing development markets, hence the need for initiatives to promote savings at all levels.
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    Towards participatory, pro-poor transport policy

    id21 Development Research Reporting Service, 2003
    Transport is a necessary input to urban life, providing the means of access from home to activity.  It plays a key role in people’s lives, providing them with access to opportunities. Only recently have planners begun to consider the social, environmental and poverty impacts of transport interventions. Auditing transport for efficiency and anti-poverty effects is still in its infancy.