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    Reducing conflicts around water points

    Solidarités International, 2017
     SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL works in the region of Kidal, in northern Mali, since 2015 to improve agro-pastoral activities through the implementation of WaSH activities. Underlying the rehabilitation of water points is the aim to reduce conflicts between different types of users: breeders and their herds and local populations for domestic uses.
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    Getting real about an illicit ‘External Stressor’: Transnational cocaine trafficking through West Africa

    Institute of Development Studies UK, 2014
    Concerns over West Africa's increasingly prominent role as transhipment point of South American cocaine en route to Europe are mounting.
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    Conflicts between farmers and herders in north-western Mali

    International Institute for Environment and Development, 2007
    This report provides insight into the local management of conflict over natural resources between herders and farmers in north-western Mali. The study finds that social, economic and environmental change within the region has led to growing pressure on natural resources and a marked deterioration in relations between farmers and herders.