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    The economics advantage: assessing the value of climate change actions in agriculture

    International Fund for Agricultural Development, 2016
    Agriculture is a sector especially sensitive to climate change. It also accounts for significant emissions and is, therefore, a priority for both adaptation and mitigation plans and actions at global, national and local levels.
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    Coping with a changing climate: considerations for adaptation and mitigation in agriculture

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2009
    This book presents historical evidence of the linkages between climate and food security and the current challenges climate change poses on world food security. It argues that changing climatic conditions are projected to affect food security from the local to the global level as the unpredictability of weather conditions increases.
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    Climate change, water and food security

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2011
    This report summarises current knowledge of the anticipated impacts of climate change on water availability for agriculture. It examines the implications for local and national food security and the methods and approaches for assessing climate change impacts on water and agriculture.
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    Environmental change and maize innovation in Kenya: exploring pathways in and out of maize

    STEPS Centre, Institute of Development Studies, 2009
    Maize is a socially, politically and economically staple crop in Kenya. This paper summarises the findings of the STEPS Environmental Change and Maize Innovation in Kenya project, which utilised maize as a window through which to explore differential responses to climate change.
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    Agriculture and climate change: a scoping report

    Meridian Institute, 2011
    This scoping report provides context and analysis for addressing agriculture in international climate negotiations with the aim of informing climate negotiators and other stakeholders of different options and unpacking issues of interest.
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    The future of food and farming: challenges and choices for global sustainability

    Foresight UK, 2011
    The global food system will experience an unprecedented combination of pressures over the next 40 years. Global population size will increase and competition for land, water and energy will intensify, while the effects of climate change will become increasingly apparent. Over this period, globalisation will continue, exposing the food system to novel economic and political pressures.
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    Climate change: impact on agriculture and costs of adaptation

    International Food Policy Research Institute, 2009
    Climate change, together with global population and income growth, is a major threat to food security in the world. This food policy report presents research results which quantify climate change impact, assess the consequences for food security and estimate the investment required to offset the negative effects on human wellbeing.
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    Agriculture and climate change: real problems, false solutions

    EcoNexus, 2009
    Agriculture plays an important role in climate change, both as a contributor emitting greenhouse gasses (GHGs) and as a potential reducer of negative impacts. This paper gives an overview of how current and proposed agricultural practices affect climate change and how the proposed measures for mitigation and adaptation impact agriculture.
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    Climate change and adaptation in African agriculture

    Stockholm Environment Institute, 2008
    The development of climate projections for Africa is evolving rapidly, yet little is known about how effectively this data is being utilised. This study, commissioned by the Rockefeller Foundation, aims to identify and understand the extent to which, and ways in which, information from climate change models is being integrated into agricultural development practice and decision-m
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    The economic impact of climate change on agriculture in Cameroon

    Policy Research Working Papers, World Bank, 2007
    Cameroon’s economy is primarily agrarian and 80% of the country’s poor are involved in farming. Changes in temperature and precipitation pose a serious threat to the nation’s economy. This study examines the impact of climate change on crop farming in Cameroon.