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    The System of Rice Intensification (SRI): revisiting agronomy for a changing climate

    Climate Change Agriculture Food Security, 2016
    By modifying management of rice plants, soil, water and nutrients to improve growth environments, farmers can get higher-yielding, more vigorous and resilient plants nurtured by larger root systems and greater diversity/abundance of beneficial soil organisms.
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    Socio-ecological vulnerability assessment of flood and saline-prone region in rural Bangladesh

    Bioforsk / Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, 2014
    The agrarian population in Bangladesh is ranked by many studies to be of the most vulnerable in the world due to the poor socio-economic features, the unique geophysical location and the high exposure to climate change effects.
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    Farming’s climate smart future: placing agriculture at the heart of climate-change policy

    Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, 2011
    This paper places agriculture at the heart of climate change policy stating that climate change is already changing the face of farming. Increases in temperature, changing patterns of rainfall, more extreme droughts and floods, and the shifting distribution of pests and diseases can all be attributed in part to the increase in emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from human activities.
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    Global farming systems study: challenges and priorities to 2030

    Rural Development Strategy Team, World Bank, 2001
    For more than a decade, the proportion of internationally supported public investment directed at agriculture and the rural sector in developing countries has been declining. Moreover, this is occuring at a time in which the process of globalisation is changing patters of trade and investment, placing agricultural producers and communities under tremendous pressure to adapt in order to survive.