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    Commitments to action on building a sustainable water future

    White House Council of Economic Advisors, 2016
    This document describes some of the long-term water management strategies aimed to reduce and mitigate the incidence and impact of water stresses on U.S. communities. It includes the commitments made by institutions and organizations from all sectors to build a sustainable water future in the United States.
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    Mitigating droughts and floods in agriculture: policy lessons and approaches

    Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2016
    Climate change is recognised as a factor that will increase the frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events, notably of droughts and floods to which the agriculture sector is especially exposed. Agricultural productivity growth and policy development have allowed the sector to better cope with these risks and reduce overall impacts.
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    Scientific guidelines for designing resilient marine protected area networks in a changing climate

    NAFTA Commission for Environmental Cooperation, 2012
    These guidelines, jointly developed by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) and the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), are intended to provide general guidance to scientists, planners and managers in their efforts to design, connect, manage, assess and adapt marine protected areas (MPAs) and MPA networks to be resilient to climate change at national and cont
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    Grow in concert with nature: green water defense for flood risk management in East Asia

    World Bank, 2012
    This report takes stock of advances in management practices, and institutional and technological innovations for managing water resources under a changing climate. The focus is on green water defense (GWD) for flood risk management in deltas and other areas vulnerable to flooding in East Asia.
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    Water for electricity: resource scarcity, climate change and business in a finite world

    Stockholm Environment Institute, 2012
    This report examines the potential impact of low carbon electricity generation technologies on water resources and how these water considerations might shape renewable generation choices. The report argues that water requirements for power generation depend on generation technology, type of cooling technology used in thermoelectric power generation and electricity demand itself.
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    Promoting health and well-being by managing for social–ecological resilience: the potential of integrating ecohealth and water resources management approaches

    Ecology and Society, 2011
    This paper combines insights from the field of eco-health (which advocates human health and well-being as an important outcome of effective ecosystem management) with those from integrated watershed management (which promotes watersheds as appropriate units for managing ecosystems).