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    Silencing the guns: terrorism, mediation and non-state armed groups

    African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes, 2016
    On 21–22 October 2015, the African Union (AU), in collaboration with the Government of Namibia, hosted the Sixth AU High-level Retreat of Special Convened under the theme of “Terrorism, mediation and non-state armed groups”, the objectives of the retreat were to provide a platform for delegates to deliberate on the successes and challenges in relation to tackling the underlying causes of terror
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    Weapons, Violence and the perpetrator-victim nexus in South Africa

    Microcon, 2011
    Given the high levels of crime and violence in South Africa, there may be a temptation for citizens to arm themselves for protection.
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    People safe from guns in south Sudan: a training manual for local stakeholders

    Bonn International Center for Conversion, 2006
    This training manual discusses a variety of issues relating to Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW). It is targeted at local stakeholders in South Sudan and and also includes an explanation of the history and nature of Sudanese combat. The emphasis throughout is on action, which it is hoped will result from a better understanding of these issues.