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    Rural finance for growth and poverty alleviation in Pakistan

    Policy Research Working Papers, World Bank, 1996
    To promote agricultural --- and hence economic --- growth, Pakistan must make more credit available to agricultural smallholders, the rural non farm sector, and women. Subsidizing interest rates is not the way to help marginal borrowers.
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    Malawi: Services and policies needed to support sustainable smallholder agriculture

    Environment and Development Consultancy Ltd, 1997
    Malawi’ s smallholder agriculture is facing a crisis, particularly in the more populated south. There is an insidious combination of land shortage, continuous cultivation of maize, declining soil fertility, low yields, deforestation, poverty and high population growth rate.
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    Assessing the potential of forest product activities to contribute to rural incomes in Africa

    Natural Resource Perspectives, ODI, 1998
    Large numbers of rural households in Africa continue to generate some of their income from forest product activities. However, much of this involvement is in labour intensive low return activities that help to provide the poor with an income safety net, but which decline once better alternatives become available.